Why I run: In general, I love to run.  Of course, there are some days when I just don’t want to do it, or when my legs feel heavy and tired, when I can’t find the groove, when I just feel slow and lethargic and grumpy about it all.  But most days, I love running.  I love the solitude – time to think, to pray, to listen to my breath and pounding feet, or to just enjoy some silly music.  I love running the sun up, love getting really sweaty and whole-body tired.  Running clears my mind, balances me out, gives me energy, keeps me healthy, challenges me, and helps me be a better person, mom, and wife.

Checkout the book Born to Run. It’ll change your running world (it did mine!).





Half Marathons


  • Indy half marathon May 2009 – 2:14:47
  • Indy half marathon May 2008 – 2:47:59
  • Indy half marathon May 2007 – 2:43:24
  • Indy half marathon May 2006 – 2:29:38
  • Indy half marathon May 2005 – 2:34:55
  • the Indy half marathon through the years

Trail Races/5Ks

I loosely base my marathon training on Hal Higdon’s intermediate guide.  I also like to incorporate yassos into my running.

Helpful sites for mapping runs and tracking miles: and  I use both of these daily.  Membership is free!  (Update: I actually am using Lauren Fleshman’s Believe training journal right now and am also enjoying tracking my runs on paper again!)


15 thoughts on “RUNNING

  1. Hey, I’m from Michigan! Have you been before? Will you be there long for your race? I can suggest some fun places to visit in GR if you haven’t.
    Nice blog!

    1. Hey, Emily, whereabout in MI? We live in northern Indiana, not far from MI, so I’ve been to a few places. I’ve been to Grand Rapids quite a bit, since one of my good friends lives there. She’s running the marathon, too!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog since you joined the Tyndale Blog Network (where I work as a publicist). I started running & racing last year. It’s addicting! Congrats on all your races–it’s awesome to see how you’ve improved. I look forward to following more of your running adventures & good luck tomorrow in the half marathon!

  3. Can I ask where in Indiana you are? I’m in South Bend, a newish runner and newish to the area and always looking for a running friend. (I’m 26, married 3.5 years with a cat who rules my life and I love cooking, so we have a lot in common!)

  4. Hey Kim,

    Totally nosy, potentially inappropriate question here: when you were trying to get pregnant, did you cut back at all on running? If so, how much? My doctor told me to lay off for now, but I’m having a hard time accepting that. Thanks!

  5. Hey, I LOVE your blog. I just love finding blogs with people out there living there lives and throwing running into the mix. Nice job on your races. Good for you!! Also, I see you are expecting so congratulations =) I hope all goes well. -Jen

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