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august reading/walking

August walk total: 63.5 miles

The month fell a little short since exercise ceased on August 19, when Leo was born (well worth the exercise lag).  Happily, I was still able to do a 4 mile walk/run the morning before he was born… mostly because I didn’t know my water had broken or that 8 hours later I would be in the hospital with a Pitocin drip…

And with Leo’s birth and all I still got a decent amount of reading done in August.  Then again, when you’re feeding a baby every 2-3 hours, you have a good amount of reading time…  Here are August’s books – quite a few of them I would highly recommend!

  • The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

A.  One of my favorite books.  It’s always so so good, even when I’m reading it for the ninth time.

  • Under Fishbone Clouds by Sam Meekings

A.  Reminded me of a Lisa See novel.  Good characters, uniquely told.

  • I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg

B.  Not a super deep book, but it read quickly and held my attention.  A fun, light read.

  • The Way Things Look To Me by Roopa Farooki

B.  Interesting storyline, but the ending felt somewhat rushed and didn’t exactly fit.

  • The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obrecht

A+.  Loved this book.  Really well done and the author is only 26 – and this is her first novel.  Yowza.  If you read any book off this list, let it be this one.

  • A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel

B.  Quick, light read.  Sometimes funny, sometimes a little disturbing.

  • She Got Up Off the Couch by Haven Kimmel

B.  Same as above.  Note: these books were great during the early hours of labor and the days afterward, when I was super tired.  It was nice to have an easy, light read.

  • Joy for Beginners by Erica Bauermeister

A.  Simple and sweet.

  • Save Me by Lisa Scottoline

A-.  Characters were a little flat and predictable, but the story kept me reading!

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full term!

37 weeks – full term!

Funny, when we took that picture I felt like my kick looked a lot less lame.

And a straight-up shot:

Since I’m now considered full term I’m naturally all the more anxious for baby to come, even though my due date is still 3 weeks away and baby could come even later than that.  I’m not a patient person, so this month will pretty much be torture knowing he could come any day.  The waiting game and I are not very good friends.  Considering I have yet to even feel a contraction, I’m not too optimistic that he’ll come soon, although you never know I guess.

Things left to do before baby comes:

  • wash the cloth diapers (the first go-round you need to wash them 3 or 4 times to get them primed and ready)
  • pack the hospital bag
  • put the carseat in the car

I honestly can’t think of anything else we really need to do!

Oh, and now that we’ve hit August, it’s time for a July walk roundup!

July walk total: 134 miles

I got my goal!  I beat June’s total!  There were only six days in July that I didn’t walk.  My longest walk was 8 miles, but most were 4 or 6 miles.  I’m really pleased with this… and hopeful that August will be a great walking month, too!

How did you do working out in July?  

Are you a patient person?

The winner of the reader recipe poll is soupe au pisto!  Recipe and review Friday morning!



Last night Dave and I met up with our friend Amanda to walk for ice cream.  We had tons of fun and sweated like crazy (as my niece, Lizzie, would say, we were “sweatsy”).  Proof: this was the sweat sitting on my arm after I’d been relaxing in the shade for 15 minutes.  Guess 100 degrees will do that to you!

Amanda moves next Saturday to Lithuania, so Dave and I were really happy to get some last-minute hang out time with her.  She’s been an amazing friend to us the past few years and we’ll really miss her!


This morning I got up early – pre-sunrise – to walk.  It was already really hot and humid out (high 70s) and I made it 3.25 miles before I called Dave and asked him to come get me – I had a headache and felt really tired and hot and miserable.  I’m pretty sure the combo of last night’s sweatfest and this morning’s walk had me a little dehydrated.  I’ve been laying low this morning and drinking lots of water and I’m definitely starting to feel better.  Baby is moving and kicking and doing fine – I just needed more water and less heat!  (I don’t feel nearly as bad as I did at last year’s Sunburst marathon where I got heat exhaustion!)

Are you getting out in this heat to exercise?  How are you staying cool?

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sunrise walk

Got a walk in this morning before work.  It was kind of muggy but not too hot.  Bonus: I caught a beautiful Indiana sunrise!

Cell phones do not accurately capture pretty sky colors.

I did about 5 miles before getting ready for work.  I stayed last night with my friends Mark and Lauren (Lauren designed my header – she’s amazing) and their sweet pup, Lucy.  It was so good to get some time with them and to catch up!

(At their wedding in 2009.)

We had ice cream together last night – vanilla ice cream with hershey’s chocolate syrup and crushed up pretzels.  It was like a fancy sundae.  I was in heaven!  (Note to Dave: let’s repeat this 7 times this week.)

What are your favorite ice cream toppings?  Be decadent and creative!

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june walk totals

Happy July!  I can’t believe it’s July already (I probably say this every month).  It also means that we’ll have a baby in our arms next month.  Wow!

After a really low mileage month in May, June ended up being a surprisingly good month for me!  I didn’t run, but I walked – most weeks hitting 6 out of the 7 days!  My hip feels really good.  Some days it gets a little sore (particularly after a long walk and then housework or yardwork) but most days it feels just fine.  I’m so happy to be walking… and am finding I really enjoy it!

June walk total: 130 miles

Naturally, my initial goal for July was to beat my June mileage.  Then I remembered I’m pregnant and getting more pregnant every week.  So my goal is to keep consistently walking, however that might look.  Maybe I’ll keep doing 5-7 miles, or maybe I’ll scale back to 3-4.  We’ll see how I”m feeling!

What are your goals for July?


weighted walks: the moves

So I’ve talked about carrying weights on my walks, but I thought I’d show you the moves I actually do.  I try to do 5 sets of 12 reps for each arm.  Generally I’m walking in the dark when I do these, so I don’t feel too weird.  I did them for the first time yesterday in daylight and managed to not feel like a total weirdo.

Enjoy Mosie’s random appearances in the pictures, too.  She was whiiiiiiny.  Also enjoy my pale, tired face.  It was 6am.  It’s no glamour party over here at that hour (or ever).  I also have no idea if I’m calling these moves by the right names… so we’ll just go with what I call them in my head.

Shoulder press

Bicep curl (these always feel ri-dic-u-lous with 3lb. weights.  Way too easy.)

Side fly

Backwards row

Anterior lift

Tricep lift

So that’s it!  In between sets I walk with my elbows at about 90 degrees and alternate holding the weights with my palms facing in, up, and down.

So far I haven’t noticed any particular soreness from doing the weights, but I’m hopeful that it’s doing something.

If you saw someone walking and lifting weights would you think they’re crazy?  I maybe would have in the past, but no more!

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weighted walk

I got up early again this morning to get my walk on before work and before all the thunderstorms hit again.  I’ve decided not to incorporate running back in, at least for now, as yesterday my hip was sore after those measly 4 minutes of running.  Still, I’m grateful I can walk without problems, so I’ll stick to that!  Today I carried two 3lb. weights with me as I walked.  I’ve been wanting to do some arm strength exercises for awhile now (okay, probably since forever) for a couple reasons:

  1. I disproportionately focus on my legs in exercises.  Running, walking, etc.  Arm stuff?  Not so much.
  2. Soon I’ll be carrying around a baby and I’d prefer if I could actually do it rather than having to put him down because my arms hurt.
  3. Strength training is good for me.  I’m just lazy about doing it.

I walked 3.5 miles with the weights, doing a variety of exercises at different points on the walk: bicep curls, overhead press, standing row, tricep extensions, anterior lifts, and side flys.  It was dark, so nobody saw my craziness… I don’t think.  Bonus: walking with weights in the dark automatically gives you a line of defense…. because you know how dangerous small town Indiana is.  At 3.5 miles I dropped the weights off at the house and did another 1.5 miles weightless.  I’m interested to see if my arms are actually sore tomorrow or if 3lbs. is too little to make a difference.

By 8am I was tiiiiired from waking up so early, so Dave made me half a cup of coffee.  Except he made it gourmet by grinding up cacao nibs with the coffee beans.  It was a pretty dang delicious cup of coffee.  Very smooth, with a little hint of chocolate.  That Dave has good ideas.

We also had birth class again last night.  Unlike last time, this one was much more helpful.  We talked about the stages of labor, what to expect, etc.  I’ve told Dave that in some ways I expect labor to be like running a marathon – I’m going to be tired and want to quit and think I can’t do it, but if I know where I’m at (mile markers) and how much farther I have to go, it’ll help me push through.  So I want to be really aware of the labor stages so I can tell myself, “You’re here.  This is how much farther you have to go.”  I don’t quit races (even when puking) so I won’t quit labor… especially because you can’t.  (Note: I’m fully aware I’ve never been in labor before so afterwards I might laugh at myself and say, “Silly, stupid, Kim.  That was nothing like a marathon.  YOU WISH.)

Have you seen this website?  It’s super cool.  I also enjoy how effortless they make labor look.

Anyhow.  Enough rambling.  HAPPY FRIDAY.  What are you looking forward to this weekend?  Dave and I bought into the farmer’s market and tomorrow we get to pick up our first basket of produce!