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what’s a gusser say?

It was a weekend of March Madness, of walks outside, of popcorn and banana ice cream dinners, of errands, of more basketball.  On Saturday I went to the store to find little toys for Leo.  We’re gearing up for a big trip to Tennessee for Easter, so we’re stocking ourselves with things we can hand him in the car to keep him distracted and happy.  I found some cars (two wooden, two Hot Wheels) and a ball with moving parts at Target.  We also have some sticker books, music CDs that he loves, and plan on grabbing some kids’ DVDs from the library for him as well.  I have one or two more things I’d like to find before we leave Thursday, but if not, no big deal.  One is a PEZ dispenser – I’m convinced that Leo would love a fun PEZ dispenser – something he can easily hold, move the head open and closed, etc.  Didn’t see any at Kroger but I’ll keep searching.  Any other car ideas?

On Saturday this happened, which was hilarious (Leo’s nickname is Gusser).

How was your weekend?

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another first

On Friday Leo had another first: first puke.  😦  But let’s first back-up.  On Thursday Dave and I dropped Leo off at Shannan’s house to hang out with his BFF Silas while we headed down to Indy for a work conference I had (free hotel room = awesome!).  Friday around 11am I was sitting listening to the keynote speaker when I noticed Shannan had texted, “So… Leo just puked.  Big time.”  I immediately left the conference room to call her, then called Dave.  He quickly came back to the hotel to pick me up while I waited for the keynote speaker to wrap up so I could grab my stuff (I was sitting in the verrrrry front.  Of course.).  We drove home as fast as we could and made it back in time for Leo to puke on Dave before we left Shannan’s.  Sad toddler boy.  (Also, amazing amazing friend Shannan.)

Sick and watching Barney

Despite being sick, Leo slept through the night.  But soon after he woke up he threw up again.  Then he went a long stretch drinking small sips and not throwing up, so we gave him some crackers before bed.  He took a long nap but woke up puking again.  The whole day he was just beside himself – bored but not feeling well.

sick, tired, cranky, bored

We went for a short stroller-walk outside, then took a trip to Walmart so I could run in and grab Pedialyte.  He drank some of that and then he was down for the night.  He woke up a few times during the night asking for a drink, which was a really good sign, and we happily gave him small amounts of Pedialyte (we didn’t want to overload his stomach).  

Tip: spread an old bath towel over the head of the crib mattress and pull it tight down on the sides.  This way if your child pukes in bed (as Leo did) you can simply pull up the corners of the towel and toss it in the wash.  Keeps you from messing with a whole bed change.  Also, take walks and car rides if you can.  Leo was super sick of watching tv but not up to doing much else.  Fresh air and a moving car with toddler music were both relaxing for him.

Sunday we gave Leo lots of pedialyte and bland foods as he wanted them (he didn’t have much of an appetite).  Then Sunday after lunch Dave and I got initiated into the “parents who have dealt with a child’s epic diarrhea episode.”  First, we heard it.  Then, we saw a leaking trail on his pants.  Luckily, we opted for the bathtub over the changing table which was very fortunate.  Not so fortunate?  The cloth diaper.  Those things should never be used against diarrhea.  It’s like putting a tiny kitchen sponge against a fire hydrant.  We finally got Leo cleaned up (maybe we should have thrown his socks away but we went for the washing machine) and he took a bath, which made him super happy.  I think Dave and I are maybe a little emotionally scarred for life from that experience, but hey, that’s parenthood.  Also: disposable diapers for the win for the rest of the day Sunday.  And Monday.  You can’t be too careful.

So that was our weekend – a lot of leaking bodily fluids and counting the hours by “when did he last puke?”  How was yours?

And lest you think our whole weekend was puke and bathtub hose-offs, check out this cuteness:

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getting ready for easter

Yesterday Leo received a package in the mail – window cling-on Easter decorations!  My Aunt Penny sent them to him.  She always has really thoughtful, sweet gifts for Leo.  We immediately put them on the window on the landing so he can see them and touch them.  They’re pretty thick, so they squish a little when you push on them, which Leo likes.



It’s fun to have some kid-friendly decorations in the house!

For dinner last night we had these loaded veggie burgers.  I actually didn’t like the sweet potato hash, but I can be weird about sweet potatoes.  Egg on burger though?  Brilliant!


The burgers were pretty great, too.  I did a completely different take on the recipe since I didn’t have black beans.  I mashed together 2c. of pinto beans, a bunch of garlic, salt, oregano and basil, about 1/4c. nutritional yeast, 1/4c. ground psyllium husk, and an egg, then fried them up in a little olive oil.  They were awesome!

And we finished off the night with an almost-naked toddler.  Check out that belly!