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trail running

On Saturday Kimberly and I met up with strollers and boys in tow to hang out and run a little together.  Kimberly suggested Kendallville, which was an easy 45 minutes away for both of us and had a park with a 3 mile running trail circling a lake.  Perfect!

We met up at 11am and it was still fairly cold and pretty windy, but we bundled up the boys and took off.  Less than a quarter mile in to the run the paved path became a true “path” – dirt and leaves.  It was bumpy but not terrible and neither of the toddlers complained so we pushed on.  Plus, the forest was pretty gorgeous.

slightly fuzzy picture of Kim, the boys, and the trail.


After about a mile and half the path came out at a park/beach, so we were back on paved ground.  I requested a quick bathroom stop and then we kept going.  The rest of the loop was paved (hooray!) but super windy, which made it a bit challenging.  Toward the end both boys were ready to be done, requesting lunch (Miles) and to be carried (Leo).  It’s a really good thing the loop was short or we probably would have been in a bit of cranky-toddler trouble.  We finished with 3.25 miles at a 10:30 pace, which we were both happy with considering the terrain, the strollers, the wind, and my pregnancy pace.

Afterwards we classed it up by picnic-ing in the back of Besty van out of the wind.  And Kimberly generously gifted me with some seriously delicious Trader Joe’s goodies (soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, cookie butter, and two specialty chocolate bars)!

It was a short but super fun visit and we’ll definitely meet back up come spring for some more park and running time together!

not a bad view!
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getting away

This past weekend my sister came down from Lansing and stayed with Leo so Dave and I could get away for awhile.  This was a combination getaway – to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in December (because with a newborn we won’t be going away), as a last getaway before baby girl arrives, and as a getaway date because we haven’t had one in awhile!

We left Saturday morning and headed up to Grand Rapids.  We didn’t have huge plans for the weekend – originally we thought we would spend a lot of time outside walking around downtown or parks, but the weather was a little cold and wet for that.  Instead, we just enjoyed doing whatever and being on our own!  We went to Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop for lunch when we first arrived and it did not disappoint!

pretzel roll, havarti dill soup, tomato saffron soup, and a goat cheese-mozzarella-white cheddar-rosemary-olive oil and sea salt panini

We sat in a coffee shop.  We walked around a mall.  We read magazines in Barnes and Noble.  We saw The Butler at a discount theater (good movie, would be even better without Oprah).  We had delicious Mexican food for dinner and ate way too much queso.  We slept in.  Dave overcaffeinated himself.  We had a leisurely breakfast and read books.  We walked around Target.  We talked and talked and just hung out.  It was perfect!


Thanks, Jill, for watching Leo for us!!


michigan trip

On Friday Leo and I packed up the car and headed to Lansing to visit my sister in her new apartment.  Originally Dave was going to come with us, but then a few weeks ago my other sister mentioned she was wanting to come visit and asked about the exact weekend!  It worked really well since we were already planning on heading up there, but Dave bowed out to give us a sisters’ weekend (and gave him a chance to enjoy a weekend in a quiet house and to knock out some looming house projects).

We had a great weekend hanging out, making good food, exploring a farmer’s market, grabbing ice cream from the MSU Dairy Store, running around the MSU children’s garden, taking walks, and just hanging out and playing.  Leo and I even got to enjoy a morning stroller run with Kelly and Astrid!  Leo was a little possessive/unsure about his cousin Astrid at first – he would claim my lap and try to tell me not to touch her – but really warmed up to her by the end of the weekend.  I wish we could have captured his precious goodbye to her – he crouched down, waved, said, “bye Astrid!” and then leaned in to give her a kiss on the mouth.  SO CUTE.

We did fail to take a sister picture, but other than that it was a pretty perfect weekend.  So excited to have all my sisters much closer now!

sweet Astrid
sweet Astrid
Leo running through the dragon at the children's garden
Leo running through the dragon at the children’s garden
Jill attempting to get a picture with the never-still Leo
Jill attempting to get a picture with the never-still Leo
cousin love (Leo did this on his own initiative)
cousin love (Leo did this on his own initiative)
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mother runner date

Awhile back Kimberly posted that she was going to drive to Columbus to a Mother Runner party and asked if anyone wanted to join.  I immediately said yes, not so much because I’m a huge Mother Runner fan (I like them and all, but I haven’t read the books), but mainly because I wanted another roadtrip with Kimberly.  (Also, Kimberly promised good swag from the party.)

So Wednesday night Kimberly and I found ourselves in a running store on the north side of Columbus, facing all our social awkwardness.  The place was full of chattering, busy mother-runner-women.  I love people but crowds and meeting new people are not my forte, so it was pretty much a collision of two things that make me really uncomfortable.  I was so glad I had Kimberly with me, otherwise I would have spent the entire time in a corner texting Dave and spending an awkward-long time perusing the shoe racks.


We laughed, looked at running clothes (sorry, Dave, I did not buy you the $42 split-side shorty shorts that Kimberly wanted me to get you), and waited in line so Dimity and Sarah could both sign Kimberly’s book.  There was some  book readings, some giveaways (we did not win), and a missed opportunity for cookies, and then we were back on the road!

Confession: I fell asleep at 11:30pm when we were still an hour from home.  I do not promise to be an awesome roadtrip companion.  In my defense, I probably have some lingering fatigue from The Night of the Bat Terror.

Confession: Kimberly is a much better roadtrip companion.  She drives and she gifts you with fancy chocolates she bought in Cincinnati.  She also invites you to parties where you get awesome stuff like Nuun, sweat buffs, running socks, fancy nut butter, and GU.

picture stolen from Kimberly
picture stolen from Kimberly

She also sends you on the road with homemade blueberry and chocolate zucchini muffins.  So yeah, she’s pretty much the best travel buddy ever.  (Dave, let’s bring her with us on all our future roadtrips.  She also has mad toddler skills.)

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shortened roadtrip

Leo and Dave and I took a roadtrip this weekend about 2.5 hours south to see friends.


Thursday Leo had seemed like he was getting sick but Friday seemed almost entirely better – no longer fussy, not sneezing, not really swiping at his nose anymore.  We still packed the cough syrup but had high hopes for a fun weekend.  We got in to our friends’ house in time for a late dinner, which we ate out on the back patio while Leo ran happily around in the grass and proudly showed off rocks he found.

Friday night Leo woke up 3 different times coughing.  He settled back down each time with a drink and some back rubs.  Saturday morning Dave and Leo and I went for a run on some awesome bike paths.


We got a little turned around and 4 miles turned in to 6, but none of us really minded!  Leo was happy for the whole stroller run but when we got home – dun dun dun – things quickly disintegrated.  Suddenly Leo was really fussy and miserable and clearly not feeling well again.  Dave took Leo for a long walk while I headed out to a 50% off Goodwill sale with our friends.  

I totally scored at Goodwill and found quite a few things for Leo for this fall and winter in the next size up (he’s in 2T now but quickly outgrowing it).



5 pairs of pants and 4 shirts/sweatshirts for $10.70!  I’m super excited about the finds and know Leo is going to look so stinkin cute in them!  I tend to not do much Goodwill shopping, as it feels really overwhelming to me, but shopping for Leo was surprisingly fun.  I’d definitely do it again.  Plus, all those clothes for such a great price is definitely encouraging, too!

After Goodwill we swung by the farmer’s market and then over to the park to pick up Dave and Leo.  By this time Leo had started wheezing, so Dave and I knew we needed the nebulizer.  We decided to see if Leo would take a good nap at the house, pack up, and then head home.  We initially had planned to stay the whole weekend but with Leo feeling crummy we knew the night would probably be rough for him.  Plus, we knew we needed the nebulizer for him.

Leo took a great nap – 3 hours – which gave Dave and I time for lunch, packing the car, and to sit and hang out with our friends.

When Leo got up we immediately packed him in to the car and said our goodbyes.  I decided to sit in the back with Leo, since he’s very needy of physical contact when he’s feeling sick.  We held hands the whole way home and even took a nap together.  Once at home we immediately started nebulizer treatments, which had a fast effect on Leo.  He actually played a little before bed and smiled and laughed, which was a welcome sight.

The rest of the weekend we kept up on the nebulizer treatments, went for walks, and tried to get Leo to eat and drink when he would (we suspect he has a sore throat, too).  We had moments when he was clearly miserable and moments (after nebulizer treatments and Tylenol) when he was happy and playful.  Plus lots of snuggling on the couch together, too.  We’re sad we had to leave our friends early but glad we got some time with them at least (and thankfully it wasn’t a longer drive!).

Oh yes, Friday was also 26 weeks!

26 weeks

We had a midwife appointment Friday morning.  I was measuring a little small, but the midwife said it could have just been how baby girl was laying, so she wasn’t overly concerned.  Plus, I’m gaining weight and visibly looking bigger, so it’s clear growth is happening.  We’ll keep an eye on it and check again at the next appointment.  I’m almost 6 months pregnant and out of the second trimester.  Crazy!

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hangin’ with emitt

On Sunday Leo and I headed up to Battle Creek, Michigan, to hang out with Angela and Emitt.  We intended to go to the zoo but due to a blonde moment by both Angela and I, got there at 9am to find out the zoo didn’t actually open til 11.  Whoops.  So we quick whipped out or cell phones, found a nearby park, and re-wrangled two eager-to-be-out-of-the-car toddlers back in to carseats.  We found the park (after some awkward maneuvering around a really confusing subdivision) and unloaded.  There was a whole bunch of slides, a beach with rocks, and water.  Basically a little boy trifecta of awesomeness.  Emitt and and Leo got slathered in sunscreen and quickly got down to business.

slide race!
slide race!
sharing cars at the beach
sharing cars at the beach
Leo could stay here alllllll day
Leo could stay here alllllll day
just hanging in the wagon
just hanging in the wagon

We picnicked together, gave the slide a few more runs, and then packed up for home.  We missed the zoo but we hope to hit it another time this summer or fall.  Leo and Emitt had a lot of fun running around together and sharing cars and trains and I loved seeing Angela and getting to catch up.  Leo caught his nap on the way home, thoroughly worn out.


Seeing that little face sleeping in the rearview mirror gets me every.single.time.  I could stare at him all day.  He simultaneously looks so big and so like a baby at the same time.