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long run no go

Sunday morning was supposed to be my long run – 9 miles – so a very manageable long run.  I was hoping to get up early and start the run while Dave got Leo up and fed him breakfast.  Then I would swing home and pick Leo up in the stroller to finish out the last few miles – mainly because Leo would be jonesing for his morning run, too.

Except I overslept and didn’t wake up til Leo did.

Except Leo slept in and didn’t wake up til 6:15am.

Til Leo was breakfasted and I was coffee-ed and we were all ready to go it was nearly 8am (I have no idea where the time went this morning.  I think I was very pokey with my coffee.).  8am and mid-70s and 90% humidity.

We made it 2 miles.

It was HOT and muggy and yes, I probably could have “pushed through” but I had no desire.  Plus, we were already running on a time crunch.  So instead we came home and I did an ab workout and showered.  And then we went to church… except our church was having one big outdoor service today.

It was 85 degrees at 10am.

It was in the sun.

It was right at Leo’s normal naptime.

We left at 10:30am.  It was hot, Leo was sweaty and cranky, and Dave and I definitely weren’t paying much attention to the service – we were too busy trying to keep Leo as happy as possible.

So instead we went to Sam’s Club.  And came home and had lunch.  And sat in AC.  And played with the gigglebox.

We’re headed out for that long run this morning!

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Remember how I was going to run a half marathon by the end of October?

It didn’t happen.

It’s not even because it couldn’t have happened… I just didn’t even try!  Toward the end of the month I kept thinking “I need to go for 13” and then I wouldn’t, because I was tired, because I needed to be home with Leo, because I needed to be home to pump, because I didn’t feel like it…  Basically, I found a lot of excuses for not doing it and so it didn’t get done.  Not my finest moment.

October run total: 37.7 miles (not bad for my first month back after having Leo, but such a small number for me!)

Longest run: 7 miles (with Leo in the stroller – we had a blast!)

Here are my goals for November:

  • run at least 3 times a week (should be more than doable with our new treadmill!)
  • do a long run of 10 miles at least once
  • run on Thanksgiving day (Dave and I’s tradition!)

What are your November exercise goals?

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the shortest run ever

I ran today!  For the first time in 3 weeks I went running!

It lasted 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

I started out feeling pretty good.  Definitely a little different – 3 weeks is a lot of time for both me and baby to grow! – but good.  A couple blocks in I could feel my hip a little bit – not pain, but I could feel it.  So I thought maybe I would try running and walking together, to help it ease back into running.  So I walked a little, maybe 15 seconds.  Then I started to run again.  I instantly noticed my hip felt noticeably more stiff and more sore than it had before I started running.  So I stopped, turned around, and walked home.  I could have pushed the run, but I’m really not interested in returning my hip to its constantly-in-pain stage.  Post-run my hip is definitely more sore than it was before I ran, but not terrible either.  So, at least for now, running is still off the table.

Surprisingly, I’m not really upset.  I had a really good 5.5 months of pregnant running – which were probably the most important months for me to continue being as active as possible – and I know that running will still be there for me post-baby, too.  It’s not like I’m losing it forever!  And who knows, maybe I’ll still have a few more pregnant runs in me before the baby comes, if my hip heals up!

The past 3 weeks I’ve given my hip total rest, which is exactly what it needed and what was right.  I don’t want to continue in that though, because inactivity isn’t healthy for me or the baby.  I’m hopeful that I can start doing some small walks and gradually build those up as my hip continues to improve (I’d say my hip is at about 90-95% right now).  I’m going for a walk with a friend today at lunch, so I can test this out for the first time.  I plan on keeping the walk short – about 20 minutes – and seeing how I feel afterwards.  If it’s good, I’ll walk 20 minutes or so tomorrow, maybe 30 another day, etc.  The goal is just to make sure I’m getting some activity every day.  I should also start doing some light weight lifting at home.  I say “should” because I’m really bad at following through on weight lifting (*cough*30 day strength challenge that I never really completed *cough*).  We’ll see.  I know Kimberly does a great job of working in weight lifting, so maybe she can give me some tips!

Random question of the day: what’s your favorite breakfast?  We had scrambled eggs and blueberry baked oatmeal with homemade yogurt this morning.  It was awesome.

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17 weeks

I had a great weekend mileage-wise: 8 mile run on Saturday and a 6 mile walk last night.  But then this morning’s run totally tanked.  3 miles and all of it felt really hard.  I have a slight cold that hasn’t bothered me much before, but made running this morning really difficult.  I could not get a decent breath.  After I got home Dave noted, “it sounds like you really pushed it the last little bit to the house though.”  Nope, that was just how heavy I was breathing running at a 10 minute pace.  Boo.

We have a baby appointment this afternoon!  17 weeks, or the last week of the 4th month.

Bump is definitely bigger, although some days still feels more like a gut than a bump.  Other exciting news: my cousin sent us an email with a bunch of baby stuff she’s gifting us now that she’s done with babies: a boppy, a bumbo seat, a baby bjorn, and more!  We feel so blessed!

I’m also crazy hungry today, but trying to eat small snacks spaced apart and drink lots of water.  Can’t wait for lunch – quinoa and broccoli!

Do you have crazy hungry days?  What do you do to satiate the beast? I just eat more, but try to focus on fruit and other healthy snacks.

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afternoon workouts

Here’s a lesson I already knew: if I put off my workout until the afternoon, it doesn’t happen.  Or at least 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t.

Yesterday I didn’t run in the morning because I was feeling kind of “off” (lightheaded when I stood up) and, admittedly, because it was really freakin cold outside and I like to think I’m still in Florida.  I thought I would just go later, knowing it would probably take some motivation.


At 3pm I finally convinced myself to just get outside – cold or no cold.  So I pulled on a pair of jeans (non-pregnancy jeans so I definitely mean pulled and I definitely don’t mean buttoned) and got out there.  I walked 5 miles in 1:15.  It was a gorgeous walk – bright and sunny, not too cold, but cold enough.  It wasn’t a run but it felt really good all the same.

My goal for today then is to run this morning, cold or no cold, and not “wait til the afternoon.”  We all know how that goes.  You guys can help hold me to this!

When is the best time for you to workout?  If you wait does your workout still happen?

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the run that didn’t

Yesterday I got all ready to run and then this happened:

Which led to this:

Me, bald and with a do-rag. I actually love rain runs, but not when it’s cold outside.  Warm rain runs = fun and refreshing.  Cold rain runs = just plain cold.

So instead I changed BACK out of my running clothes, into sweats, made dinner, and hung out with Dave and my book.  Not a bad trade, really.

Although I missed not running in new running shoes.  I realized I’ve put over 500 miles on my last pair… time to bust into the new ones!  I love that first new-pair-of-shoes run!  Fingers crossed that today after work I can give them a try!

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why I haven’t been running

I haven’t run much lately.  I did a little bit last week, but Saturday I put in only a mile.  I know I said I was going to take a rest week after the marathon.  Turns out I didn’t really feel like doing that (I felt strong and ready to run)… but ended up kind of doing it anyway.  The Sunday after the marathon (the 14th) I was standing talking to someone and all of a sudden had a sharp pain in my back, under my left shoulder blade (literally kind of under the bone of it).  I generally don’t get back pain – if I have any it’s from riding in the car too long and it passes really quickly.  But this was really bothering me.  I tried the heating pad.  I had Dave rub it.  I stretched.  No go.  It hurt to take deep breaths – like a sharp stabbing pain.  This persisted Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday it seemed better and I ran without much problem.  Friday it felt tight and painful again and I didn’t run in hopes it might pass.  Saturday I got in a mile before I had to stop – I couldn’t take a deep breath (kind of essential for running) without my body automatically twisting in efforts to alleviate the pain that would accompany the breath.  Not fun.  Deep breaths hurt.  Sneezing or yawning were to be avoided at all costs, because drawing in the air for them made my eyes water.  Sunday I took a walk and had two friends at church knead at the spot on my back.  The pain has faded again – it hurts if I take a really deep breath (or sneeze or yawn), but other than that doesn’t bother me.  So what gives?  I’ve done 6 different yoga stretches and had 3 different people massage my back.  I’ve taken time off running.  I don’t feel sick and it doesn’t hurt to move.  I’m guessing it’s a really stubborn muscle knot or maybe even a pulled muscle but ohmygosh I want it gone NOW.  Anyone have any similar experience with this?

I’m pretty determined that I’m running this week no matter what.  It’s not frigid cold and it’s almost December.  In fact, it’s going to be in the 40s most days.  I’m not missing out!  After all, Dave and I have our traditional Thanksgiving run Thursday morning!

Do you have any particular Thanksgiving traditions?

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