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2013 running review

I know we’re already a week in to 2014, but I wanted to do a recap of my running in 2013 (it’s fun for me to look back!).  I ran 941.8 miles in 2013.  701 miles were during pregnancy.  Remember when I was overdue and still running?  Kim had jokingly told me that Kate was waiting until I hit 700 miles to be born.  Turns out, she was right!  On Friday, November 15 I hit 700 miles.  On Sunday, November 17 I tried to run again, but quit after a mile because it was really really uncomfortable (probably because Kate was really really low in my pelvis).  I went in to labor that evening and delivered Kate the next morning!

And just in case you wondered what running at 41 weeks pregnant looks like:

I ran one half marathon, in Wisconsin, at 13 weeks pregnant.  It was a lot of fun and I felt really good during the race.  I came in 2:13:02, just a minute shy of my pregnancy half marathon PR.  I also did a lot of trail 5ks throughout the summer, including a few where it was 98 and 99 degrees!

So now that we’re in 2014 and I’ve just started running again, it’s fair enough to talk about some goals and races plans for this year.  Initially I was planning on doing a spring marathon and a fall marathon, but right now I’m thinking I’ll scrap the spring marathon because I don’t want to jeopardize my milk supply by jumping right in to intense training.  Dave and I are planning on running the Crossroad half marathon in Lowell, Indiana on April 27.  Interested in running it?  We bought our entries using this GroupOn offer!  I’m also considering the Holy Half marathon at Notre Dame University in April and the Women’s Half marathon in June in Indianapolis (hopefully both with friends).  During the summer I’ll run the trail 5ks here in town when I can.  And then if all goes well, I’m hoping to run the Presque Isle marathon in September.  This is my favorite marathon (I’ve ran it twice before) and I’d love to run it again.  It’s flat, gorgeous, decently priced, well managed, and near my sister’s house!

For now I’m logging 2 miles at a time, although I think I’ll bump up to 3 soon.  So far I’ve been able to keep a decent pace and not feel sore or out of breath, so that’s awesome!  It feels so good to run again!

How did running (or exercise) in 2013 go for you?  What goals do you have for 2014?

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Kate’s birth story


On Sunday the 17th we were supposed to get some really big storms – high winds, possible tornadoes, etc. – and in combination with the full moon that weekend a lot of people were telling me they thought I’d be going in to labor very soon. On Sunday we skipped church and grocery shopped (which ended up being super helpful!) and watched football. The storm itself ended up being pretty weak and after it passed I told Dave bitterly, “still not laboring.”

Fast forward to 10pm that night. I woke up from a weird dream and changed positions. I noticed my back hurt so I shifted position and it went away. But a few minutes later it came back. I shifted again, it went away, then returned. Then I realized my abdomen was getting really tight and I wondered if maybe these were contractions after all? I got up and went to the family room. I read and chilled out while periodically timing contractions. They were about 7 minutes apart and 40 or so seconds long, but just a tightening in my back and not really painful.  I texted with Shannan, who would be taking Leo, just to let her know something might be starting and that I would keep her posted.

At 1am I was convinced enough that it was labor to wake up Dave. I told him I was going to do some stuff around the house since I couldn’t sleep – not because of pain but excitement – but he should keep sleeping. After I told him I texted our midwife just to let her know and we agreed to check back in as things progressed and got more intense. After that I packed Leo’s bag, made apple chocolate chip baked oatmeal, hard boiled some eggs (a staple in our fridge), boiled some lentils and beans for Dave for his salads, took a shower, and watched a movie. At 5:30 the contractions were starting to pull a bit more but not to the point that I had to focus to relax – I could just feel them more. I was feeling tired so I laid down and slept for an hour.

Around 7am we made plans for Shannan to pick up Leo around 9:15 and Dave made a trip to Kroger for a few remaining store list items. At 8 I asked Shannan if she could come earlier, as contractions were starting to get more intense. I wasn’t groaning or unable to move, but they were taking more focus to keep myself relaxed.

Shannan picked Leo up at 8:45 and just to give context for the timeline, she said she couldn’t even tell I was in labor. I had a contraction as I was walking back in to the house that hurt, but not enough to break my stride. At 9am Dave got home and I was in bed. Contractions were definitely gaining strength and intensity, although still about 4 minutes apart so I got a nice break in between. I texted the midwife and she said she was at an appointment but would come right after, which worked for us. I figured I was starting to work up toward transition, probably 6ish dilated.

around 9:30 or so.

The midwife arrived at 9:50 and watched one contraction, then asked if I wanted to be checked, which I did. She checked me and said, “oh goodness, girl” – at which point Dave and I both thought I was probably not very far along – and then said, “do you just want to push her out? You’re complete.” I think Dave and I both said something like “whaaaa?” with our mouths hanging open. She hurried to bring in her stuff from the car and set up and I got ready to push. I think I started pushing around 10. The midwife was super encouraging with each push and let me know what progress I was making, which I really appreciated. And Dave was really great at encouraging me and letting me squeeze the life out of his hand (he later admitted it really hurt…whoops!). At 10:38am Kate arrived and whereas Leo was quiet, she came out yelling!

Around this time the birthing assistant arrived – our midwife had actually been calling and giving her directions in between contractions. Because I progressed so quickly she didn’t have time to get her there! The birthing assistant was really just for another pair of eyes – our midwife definitely had everything under control. I was given pitocin since I was still bleeding more than they would have liked (this also happened with Leo) and later took done oral meds to also slow the bleeding. Other than that (which wasn’t dramatic or worrisome at all) everything went really smoothly. The midwife did some paperwork with us, Dave cut the umbilical cord, and Kate was weighed and measured.

The midwife probably left around noon and Dave and I had a really relaxing afternoon just chilling out. It was SO nice to already be home and to have uninterrupted time with Kate, who was really alert. Dave was awesome about bringing me snacks, helping me to the bathroom, and being available for anything I needed!  Around 4:45pm Leo arrived home and was thrilled to see Kate. He immediately talked about her little hands and gave her kisses and hugs. Dave and I hadn’t been sure what to expect, so we were really happy he was so pleased about her!


We had such a great experience with the home birth and wouldn’t have changed anything about it. As far as my labor, I think since I had been induced with pitocin for Leo I was waiting for the same intensity of contractions. His were so painful and at the end on top of each other with no break in between. But I might have also gotten lucky with just an easier labor this time (definitely shorter)! Oh, and I still haven’t felt a “real” contraction – Kate had a hand up by her face so I had back labor again!

I had to wait 10 extra days but, of course, now I can say it was worth it.  Our sweet little girl is here!


41 weeks

41 weeks
can you spot Leo?

Well well well… here we are.  Still.  Baby girl seems very determined to take her own sweet time getting here.  I’m anxious to meet her… and getting a little tired of being pregnant.  I’m not sleeping well – I’m either up in the middle of the night for hours or, like Wednesday night, I can’t fall asleep because of (painless but annoying) Braxton Hicks.  I’m trying to be encouraged that at least I’m having some BH, since I never did with Leo, but to be honest I was mostly just annoyed they kept me awake and then didn’t turn in to anything.  Some days I just feel gross all day long – like my stomach is upset (but in a consistent way, not a contraction way).  I’m running 4 miles every other day – skipping in between days because I’m either really tired or because it’s not working out schedule-wise.  Food doesn’t have much appeal and nothing really tastes that good.

That all sounds like a bunch of whining (and it is).  I know that in reality I’ve had a very easy pregnancy and that even 1 week overdue I continue to have an easy pregnancy.  I know I’m fortunate to be pregnant and I’m fortunate to be healthy.  I know baby girl will arrive when she’s ready, which is healthy and good and what we want.  I know all this… but emotionally I’m tired of feeling like it could be any time but then it not being any time soon.  

I go back to the midwife on Tuesday if I still haven’t delivered and from there we’ll talk about ways we can encourage labor.  If I haven’t gone in to labor by the 22nd (next Friday, 42 weeks) then I’ll have to be induced… which would be at the hospital, not at home.  Again, end goal is healthy baby so hospital induction is not the end of the world, but we’d much rather continue in the plan on homebirth if possible.

So that’s where we’re at.  Come come, baby girl!

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Apparently when you’re overdue and you skip a day blogging people kind of assume it’s maybe because you’re laboring.  Sadly, no.  I just didn’t have anything new to say that wasn’t a lot like before (AKA: I’m still pregnant and so I cleaned this and this and I’m still pregnant).

However, I had an appointment on Tuesday and I have good progress, so there’s hope I won’t be the first eternally pregnant woman ever.  Hooray!

I actually slept through the entire night on Tuesday night, which felt glooooorious!  I asked baby girl to come on Wednesday since I was feeling so well rested but, once again, no dice.

I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and felt great.  Actually, felt not-great.  Great would be if I felt labor-y after I ran, which I did not.  I felt sweaty and energized.  So there’s that.

I’m really digging “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pitbull right now.  It’s a good song to run to.  Do you have a song you’re digging for runs?  I always love music recommendations.

I’ve struggled with dinners this week, mostly because I didn’t meal plan at all because I kind of assumed we would have a baby.  We do not.  So every day mid-morning I think “oh crap, dinner!?!”  Dave has suggested breaking out a freezer meal and then I laugh and wheeze “not my precious” in a creepy Gollum voice.

Leo is back to feeling 100% and sleeping normal, which is just all-around fantastic.  He’s also talking in much bigger sentences now, which is really fun.  You can actually see the words building up inside him and he’ll start stuttering a few out and then they just pour forward in one giant breath.  It’s awesome.  He’s also really fascinated by emotions, especially sadness.  He LOVES finding pictures of sad people/characters in books.  He likes to tell us when he feels sad, which is really healthy and great.  But he also loves to throw up his hands and scream, “I’m so excited!” or “I feel happy!”  He’s a bundle of energy and particular-ness (his blankets have to be just so or he cries) and fun.  And he’s getting really tall.

Leo’s new favorite thing is to chase Mosie around the house (“Can’t catch her!  Too fast!”).  The poor guy tries so hard and he never gets to touch her.  At least he thinks she’s playing a game… I think in Leo’s head he and Mosie are best friends.  Mosie doesn’t have quite the same view.

I’m honestly running out of things to clean.  I’ve done the windows (inside and out) and washed curtains.  Next up is the radiators – getting between the slats and under them, which is actually pretty tricky.

We got Leo’s new bookshelf yesterday so I assembled that.  In only took about an hour.  We love how it looks in his room!


reading nook!
reading nook!

That’s all!

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day 3

Sing to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”

On the third day of being overdue I:

  • ran 4 miles
  • ate a giant cinnamon roll
  • took down the video monitor from Leo’s room so Dave can set it up in baby girl’s room.  I got the 3M stickies we used off the wall and doorframe by applying hot air from a hair dryer, then peeling it up.  They pulled off easily and didn’t take off any paint!  (I also used this method to take bumper stickers off our van when we bought it.)
  • took stuff to Goodwill
  • cleaned and reorganized the last two cupboards in the kitchen.  Good thing, too.  One of the cupboards was a rotating corner cupboard and 3 of the 4 screws fell out as I was unloading it.  The last screw was pretty loose, so it was only a matter of time before the whole shebang fell apart!
  • finished a book
  • moved a box of clothes from Leo’s closet down to the basement for storage

I also made pizza because at least if I’m not laboring I’m going to eat some delicious pizza.  I mixed some of our sauce with sundried tomato pesto and spread it over the crust, then added sauteed onion and orange peppers, diced tomatoes, and cheese.  It was so good!

Also, I’m up pretty much every night now for 2-3+ hours.  Insomnia is my faaaaavorite. I’ve tried laying in bed, reading, having a snack, etc. Nothing really works – I just have to wait it out.

I have a midwife appointment this morning so hopefully I’ll have made some progress!

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cleaning the nest

Saturday morning I was pretty lazy – I took a nap on the couch in front of the fire, read a lot, and just hung out with Dave and Leo.  But then after lunch I got all inspired to do some work (my actual words to Dave were, “baby girl better come soon because I don’t know what else to clean.”).  So Saturday afternoon I:

  • took everything out of the fridge, washed all the shelves and drawers, and reorganized everything
  • took everything out of the freezer, washed all the baskets, and reorganized
  • reorganized and wiped out several kitchen cupboards
  • packed away some of Leo’s toys for temporary storage (so when we get them back out later they’ll be new and exciting again)
  • moved a chest out of Leo’s room to the mudroom
  • rearranged Leo’s room (temporary – we’ve bought a bookshelf to go in there)
  • helped Dave rake the back yard (I only lasted about an hour before my back got tired from raking/moving leaves)
  • made soup with Leo (threw together potatoes, quinoa, an onion, vegetable broth, leftover sundried tomato pesto, and some corn)
  • gave Dave and Leo haircuts

Saturday night I slept terribly – I was awake from 12am until 3:30am.  This has been happening with more and more frequency (as it did during my pregnancy with Leo) but that was an especially long stretch of wakefulness.  Once I got back to sleep Dave let me sleep in til 7am on Sunday.  Then we hurried and got ready for the early service at church and hit up the grocery store on the way home.

Sunday afternoon I:

  • deep-cleaned the bathrooms, including scrubbing the floors and then steam mopping them, wiping out the medicine cabinets, and wiping down the walls and baseboards.  My mom already offered to scrub out the tub with Bar Keeper’s Friend when she comes after baby girl is born, so I left the tub for her.  (Thanks, mom!)
  • wiped out and reorganized a couple more kitchen cupboards/drawers
  • sweepered and steam mopped the kitchen
  • made funky monkey pie

imageI told Dave I could probably make some more meals for the freezer, but he emphatically told me no, which made me laugh.  He knows that chest is packed but he’ll be hard-pressed to convince me to actually take any meals out of it to eat.

If baby girl holds off too much longer I really might run out of things to do.  Or I’ll just go crazy from impatience!