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Apparently when you’re overdue and you skip a day blogging people kind of assume it’s maybe because you’re laboring.  Sadly, no.  I just didn’t have anything new to say that wasn’t a lot like before (AKA: I’m still pregnant and so I cleaned this and this and I’m still pregnant).

However, I had an appointment on Tuesday and I have good progress, so there’s hope I won’t be the first eternally pregnant woman ever.  Hooray!

I actually slept through the entire night on Tuesday night, which felt glooooorious!  I asked baby girl to come on Wednesday since I was feeling so well rested but, once again, no dice.

I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and felt great.  Actually, felt not-great.  Great would be if I felt labor-y after I ran, which I did not.  I felt sweaty and energized.  So there’s that.

I’m really digging “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pitbull right now.  It’s a good song to run to.  Do you have a song you’re digging for runs?  I always love music recommendations.

I’ve struggled with dinners this week, mostly because I didn’t meal plan at all because I kind of assumed we would have a baby.  We do not.  So every day mid-morning I think “oh crap, dinner!?!”  Dave has suggested breaking out a freezer meal and then I laugh and wheeze “not my precious” in a creepy Gollum voice.

Leo is back to feeling 100% and sleeping normal, which is just all-around fantastic.  He’s also talking in much bigger sentences now, which is really fun.  You can actually see the words building up inside him and he’ll start stuttering a few out and then they just pour forward in one giant breath.  It’s awesome.  He’s also really fascinated by emotions, especially sadness.  He LOVES finding pictures of sad people/characters in books.  He likes to tell us when he feels sad, which is really healthy and great.  But he also loves to throw up his hands and scream, “I’m so excited!” or “I feel happy!”  He’s a bundle of energy and particular-ness (his blankets have to be just so or he cries) and fun.  And he’s getting really tall.

Leo’s new favorite thing is to chase Mosie around the house (“Can’t catch her!  Too fast!”).  The poor guy tries so hard and he never gets to touch her.  At least he thinks she’s playing a game… I think in Leo’s head he and Mosie are best friends.  Mosie doesn’t have quite the same view.

I’m honestly running out of things to clean.  I’ve done the windows (inside and out) and washed curtains.  Next up is the radiators – getting between the slats and under them, which is actually pretty tricky.

We got Leo’s new bookshelf yesterday so I assembled that.  In only took about an hour.  We love how it looks in his room!


reading nook!
reading nook!

That’s all!


things I’m loving

1. Dave brought this home from the grocery store the other day and ohmyword.  The whipped lightness makes it so much better than regular chocolate peanut butter.  YUM.


And then Dave suggested this sandwich:


Such a good idea.

2. While we’re talking about food, I’ve been all about nachos.  Nothing fancy, just corn chips and shredded cheese microwaved for 25 seconds.

3. Demons by Imagine Dragons

4. Bike rides.  Previously we had Leo’s bike trailer hitched to my bike because I ran errands with him the most.  However, pulling a bike trailer is hard and doubly so when you’re pregnant.  Tuesday afternoon we switched the hitch to Dave’s bike (and then smartly ordered a second hitch for my bike for less than $10 so we can easily put the trailer on either bike in less than 30 seconds).  Wednesday morning we did an errand bike ride, hoping to end at the bookstore where I could work, Leo could play, and Dave could read.  Unfortunately, they weren’t open yet (whomp whomp) so we rode home instead.  But man, I’m loving bike rides even more when I’m not carting extra weight!


What are you loving right now?

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favorite songs

I had a free $3 to spend on mp3s at Amazon the other day, so I bought three songs I’ve been loving lately:

Home by Philip Philips

Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Some Nights by Fun

Then Leo and I had a big dance party to all of the songs!  He was so cute dancing around – and so happy!

What are some of your favorite songs right now?

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man sweaters

18 weeks.  I really don’t feel much bigger than week 17.  And a little bigger than week 16.  I suppose I’ll start really growing soon.  Fingers crossed!

This sweater is one of two I scored at Old Navy on clearance.  The other is green, and a v-neck.  Both are men’s.  They’re comfy, perfect for spring (lightweight, but still warm), and – best of all – were a total of $11.67.  Love that.  Plus, I have room to grow in them.

Current song I love: Bulletproof by La Roux.  Definitely getting added to my running mix.

What music are you digging lately?

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new song

I have a new favorite song:

I normally really don’t like Gwyneth Paltrow.  I find her smug and kind of boring, really.  But okay, this song is awesome.  And her voice actually sounds really good here.  So I’ll give her a pass on this one, especially because I ponied up $1.29 so I could have it on my ipod to run to.

What music have you been digging lately? I would love some new recommendations, especially for working out!

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my clarinet

Since Dave and I bought a house we’ve been able to take back a lot of the “stuff” that was sitting in our parents’ houses.  For me, this included a signed Kentucky basketball, a trophy I won for an art contest in middle school, my American Girl doll and clothes (I had Molly), boxes of writing from elementary through high school, and this:

In middle school I really wanted to be in band – partly because no one else in my family had ever been in band and, as the baby, I wanted to do something different.  This was my mom’s clarinet when she was growing up – it’s brass.  I loved having a “different” instrument from everyone else!

The case still has a very distinct smell to it – a little musty, a little like cork wax.  I love the smell.  Dave and I are thinking we’ll put the clarinet out somewhere in the house since it’s so unique.  I want to keep the case closed (just have the clarinet out on its own), just so it retains that nostalgic smell.

Do you have any ideas for us on how to display the clarinet?

Did you play any instruments growing up?  Do you still?

And did you own an American Girl doll?  Which one?

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Marathon motivation #1: now that you’re ten days out, start stalking

Columbia City, IN

Nov 13

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy


Rejoice over the prospective weather.  Cross your fingers that rain does not creep in there.

Marathon motivation #2: listen to the song you’re currently obsessed with to get yourself out the door: Down by the Water by the Decemberists and Gillian Welch.  Thanks, Erick!  (Listen and free download here!)  Depending on the severity of procrastination, repeat as many times as necessary.

Marathon motivation #3: get out and run, yes, even when it’s below freezing and completely dark out and you really just want to stay inside wrapped in a blanket.

Now that I’ve typed that, I suppose it’s time for me to turn off the music, put away the blanket, and follow my own advice.  sigh. Cold, dark mornings are sometimes utterly uninspiring for running.