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Apparently when you’re overdue and you skip a day blogging people kind of assume it’s maybe because you’re laboring.  Sadly, no.  I just didn’t have anything new to say that wasn’t a lot like before (AKA: I’m still pregnant and so I cleaned this and this and I’m still pregnant).

However, I had an appointment on Tuesday and I have good progress, so there’s hope I won’t be the first eternally pregnant woman ever.  Hooray!

I actually slept through the entire night on Tuesday night, which felt glooooorious!  I asked baby girl to come on Wednesday since I was feeling so well rested but, once again, no dice.

I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and felt great.  Actually, felt not-great.  Great would be if I felt labor-y after I ran, which I did not.  I felt sweaty and energized.  So there’s that.

I’m really digging “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pitbull right now.  It’s a good song to run to.  Do you have a song you’re digging for runs?  I always love music recommendations.

I’ve struggled with dinners this week, mostly because I didn’t meal plan at all because I kind of assumed we would have a baby.  We do not.  So every day mid-morning I think “oh crap, dinner!?!”  Dave has suggested breaking out a freezer meal and then I laugh and wheeze “not my precious” in a creepy Gollum voice.

Leo is back to feeling 100% and sleeping normal, which is just all-around fantastic.  He’s also talking in much bigger sentences now, which is really fun.  You can actually see the words building up inside him and he’ll start stuttering a few out and then they just pour forward in one giant breath.  It’s awesome.  He’s also really fascinated by emotions, especially sadness.  He LOVES finding pictures of sad people/characters in books.  He likes to tell us when he feels sad, which is really healthy and great.  But he also loves to throw up his hands and scream, “I’m so excited!” or “I feel happy!”  He’s a bundle of energy and particular-ness (his blankets have to be just so or he cries) and fun.  And he’s getting really tall.

Leo’s new favorite thing is to chase Mosie around the house (“Can’t catch her!  Too fast!”).  The poor guy tries so hard and he never gets to touch her.  At least he thinks she’s playing a game… I think in Leo’s head he and Mosie are best friends.  Mosie doesn’t have quite the same view.

I’m honestly running out of things to clean.  I’ve done the windows (inside and out) and washed curtains.  Next up is the radiators – getting between the slats and under them, which is actually pretty tricky.

We got Leo’s new bookshelf yesterday so I assembled that.  In only took about an hour.  We love how it looks in his room!


reading nook!
reading nook!

That’s all!

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going on a Mosie hunt

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my haircut!  I am loving it!

So an update on Mosie, since she rarely gets talked about around here anymore.  Leo is still giddy every time he sees Mosie and tries to chase her down.  So far he’s only touched her a handful of times – generally when we’re holding her so she can’t get away!  Once Mosie was sleeping and Leo snuck up on her and got a touch, but she sprinted away before he could pat her again.

Mosie responds immediately to Leo’s noise machine now, too.  When we turn it on to get him ready for bed she starts lurking in the hallway, waiting for us.  She’s super needy and wants a lot of affection when Leo first goes down, but then she eases up.  Her favorite times are definitely when Leo is not around!

Mosie’s current favorite thing is hardboiled egg yolk.  She can hear the crack of an eggshell from a different floor and is promptly in the kitchen, meowing for her share.

Here’s a fun video of Leo going on a Mosie hunt:

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badger baby and mosie

We’ve had Badger for a few weeks now (Badger Baby as he’s often called around the house).  Mosie has acclimated really well.  The first week or so she would hiss and growl at Badger whenever he came close, but now they hang out in the same room, they sleep near each other, and they’re even starting to play together (which is SUPER cute to watch!).  We’re really happy, as we thought Mosie would really enjoy a playmate.

Twin sleepers:

Having two kitties is a lot of fun!  I’m so glad Dave thought to rescue Badger and bring him home!

How many pets do you have?

Oh, and the story of Badger’s name: we were brainstorming what to name him and had thrown out a few possibilities.  We decided to both think on them.  I was out running with Leo and realized that Badger totally looked like Wisconsin’s mascot:

We’re not Wisconsin fans but it fit so perfectly.  Now it fits even better, as Badger loves to badger Mosie!


look what the dave dragged in

Meet Badger.

Dave found him yesterday while out for a walk, stranded, dirty, and hungry.  He brought him home and we cleaned him up and got him food and water.  He’s living in the mudroom right now, with jaunts into the house, hoping to get he and Mosie acclimated to each other.  So far she does a lot of hissing and running away.  He does a lot of happy trotting and purring.  Leo is delighted to have a kitty he can touch.  We’re still learning the concept of “gently.”

Any advice for helping Mosie welcome Badger?

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over the weekend

Sorry for the lack of reader recipe poll yesterday.  Our internet went down on Saturday morning and didn’t get resurrected until yesterday around 2:30pm.

The biggest event of the weekend happened at 2:30am on Sunday morning when Mosie came streaking through our bedroom in hot pursuit of a dark blur.

Turns out that dark blur was a baby mouse.

Our ideas that Mosie might not be a cold-hearted killer turned out to be correct.  We’re pretty sure she chased the mouse not to kill it, but out of curiosity and excitement.  Even after the baby mouse was moved outside Mosie continued to run sprints up and down the stairs and hallway.  She was a little jazzed.

Although we didn’t love having a mouse in the house, we were definitely pleased with Mosie for finding it!

Sunday Dave and I got a good amount done around the house, WD-40 on knobs and hinges, picking up stuff, etc.  It felt so good!

Also this weekend: the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K.  Dave and I both completed ours on the treadmill.  This was Dave’s longest run in 3 months, thanks to his formerly-bum-now-recovering foot.  He finished in 27:27!

I had 9 miles on my training plan for the weekend, so I incorporated the 5K into that.  I did the 5K at the end of my run, since I didn’t want to go too fast and then not be able to finish the other 6.  I finished in 26:52.

Other weekend events:

  • Dave and I went to see We Bought a Zoo.  Loved it!
  • We made homemade cookies-with-ice-cream on top.  Delicious.  I called it a pizookie.  Dave called it a mudslide.  What do you call it?

  • We took Leo to a pet store hoping he could see some animals… but all they had were birds, fish, and hamsters.  He didn’t really care.
  • Leo tried green beans for the first time.  So far he’s had sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and green beans.  He loves them all!
  • Over Christmas in Tennessee we did a family photo shoot.  We got a few of the pictures back.  Totally in love with this one:

What did you do this weekend?  Did you run the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K?