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let’s be friends: Katie

Today’s friend is Katie, who recently completed her first half marathon on October 1!


I am KT80, from TrainingLikeaGirl.  I run slow. Seriously. My distance runs are never any faster than 4.0mph, but I know I will get faster and stronger. In 2008 I married my husband, and last year we moved way from all of our friends and family. We packed up all of our stuff and headed out of New England for the beach life in Florida. We love it! We have 2 dogs, 1 cat and have been fortunate enough to recently buy a house that is just 1 mile from the beach!

I work in the non-profit world, bringing school and community gardens to urban areas. I also teach nutrition education and serve on the steering committee for another community garden. I never imagined that less than one year after getting my Master’s degree I would have my dream job.

In the future, I want to learn to surf (need much, much stronger abs and much, much less fear) and become certified to SCUBA dive. My husband and I still talk about moving to the Carribean where I can teach some type of Marine Environmental Education on the beach and he can build robots and work remotely as a software developer. If we didn’t have our babies (the pups and the kitty) this would be much more likely to happen.

Stop by my blog and tell me a bit about yourself and your fitness goals!

Interested in being featured in the “let’s be friends” series?  Email me at girlevolvingblog@gmail.com!

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let’s be friends: Lauren

I’m Lauren, a 32 year old stay at home mother to an amazing 16 month old toddler, Little Man. I live with my husband, Music Man (this year he became a Grammy Award winning mix engineer!!), our toddler, 2 dogs and 1 fish in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of LA. We bought our first home a few years ago and it seems like we’re always in the process of remodeling. The home was built in 1949, last remodeled in 1966. Popcorn ceilings, harvest gold linoleum, and miles of shag carpet were some of the downfalls of this home , but when I first set eyes on it I knew this was our home.

I love being a mom, being married to a wonderful man and having a perfect little family. I knew it would be amazing but it’s beyond that. It was also becoming a mother that made me realize it was time to start living a healthier lifestyle. I have always run, loved distance running especially, but I also REALLY LOVE to cook and eat.  And I found myself WAY overweight after the birth of my son. I’m finding better balance in my life these days. There is room for all my passions: cooking, eating, running, painting, interior design, reading…I could go on and on. I just make sure to set a little time
aside each day for my pursuits of happiness. And balance my vices and virtues.

My family and my son bring me joy. Experiencing the growth of a tiny human is amazing. My furry kids bring me tons of joy as well as disgusting surprises;) Running my first sub 8 mile this week brought me tons of joy, especially because this time last year I was just about 6 weeks back into running and lucky to break a 13 minute mile.

So one funny thing about me is that every time I eat a plain piece of bread I get the hiccups. And it’s pretty much the only time I get the hiccups. Weird. I also have an obsession with all things zombie. I collect old zombie films, zombie figurines, and I even have a zombie jello mold. I’m dying to run the Run For Your Lives zombie race next year, I hope there’s a location near LA.  And, this one time, at a marathon, I dressed up as Elvis.

I think that’s about it!

Be sure to check out Lauren’s blog and say hi!  And tell me, what’s one funny thing about you?  Here’s Leo’s – he likes to wait to finish pooping until he has a new diaper on.  Sometimes he doesn’t even wait til he’s odd the changing table to refill!

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let’s be friends: Jessie

I’m really excited to bring back the let’s be friends series!  (For past friends’ posts see here.)

I’m Jessie, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’m 30, with two kids (son is 9 and daughter is 10).

I’m a vegetarian who has minor lapses that seem to come with stress! I love music, I’ve been to over 200 concerts. I drove 38 hours round-trip once to Canada to see my favorite band (Pearl Jam) and currently am waiting for my new personalized “PRLJAMR” license plates to come in the mail. hehe I’ve been writing a book loosely based on my life for the past 10 years and hope to finish it some year!

I do have my own blog, although if you read it you have to promise not to think I’m nuts. It’s more like a personal journal than a social media outlet, if you know what I mean. So if you ever want reassurance that your life is pretty normal, here it is: http://functionalyetdysfunctional.blogspot.com/

I really like to read, travel, cook……and being near water is one of my most favorite things in the world. My dream destination is Egypt….just a tad dangerous to travel to right now, though!

I also suffer from chemical depression which kicks in now and then….but I choose to try and find natural ways to deal with stress (such as walking/running/yoga/meditation) and it works out pretty well. Still have an off day now and then, but I think it’s something I’ve worked hard at. The most I’ve run is a 10K and hope to run a half marathon someday!

Head over to Jessie’s blog to say hi and encourage her in her book-writing (I think that’s so cool!).

In honor of Jessie, what’s the best concert you’ve been to?  I haven’t been to very many, but I really liked Coldplay – and I’m not even that big on their music!

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let’s be friends again!

Remember a couple months ago when I did the “let’s be friends” series?  I want to do it again, because some of you may not have sent anything at the time, or some of you might be new readers who didn’t get a chance to before!

I want to hear from YOU. I want you to tell me a little bit about you, who you are, what you love, what brings you joy, funny things about you, etc.!  Include some pictures, a link to your blog (if you have one), a recipe, whatever you want!

Email me at girlevolvingblog@gmail.com.  I’ll post about once a week (maybe more?) with a blurb about YOU!  Please join in – I can’t wait to get to know some of you more, and for you all to meet each other!

In the meantime, check out these past “let’s be friends” friends!

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let’s be friends: Holly

Meet Holly!

I started my blog in early 2010 to document my journey to becoming a runner, as well as to learn from other runners and exchange advice.

I named my blog Rust Belt Runner because I realized I will probably ALWAYS be a mid-westerner (currently based in Fort Wayne, IN) and because someone in the blogosphere had to represent the poor economic climate and mood swing weather over here.

I ended up running 10 races last year including my first half-marathon, the Fort-4-Fitness in Fort Wayne. While I have always enjoyed exercise and being active, prior to last year I had never ran more than 3.1 miles in one sitting. The Hubz got me into running initially, as a former cross country runner himself.

My blog posts range from talking about spending too much money at Starbucks, my favorite workout jams, learning more about running and my new (old) love – yoga – and consulting Dr. Google on every ailment I have.

Along the way I have met some BFFs (Blog Friends for Life) and hope to meet more! I invite you to follow my journey!

Thanks, Holly!  Be sure to check out Holly’s blog – for race recaps, lots of giveaways, and just fun!

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let’s be friends: Erick

This is my coworker, Erick:

This is what Erick does late at night.  And then this is what he emails me in the morning.  Don’t try to figure out what it all means.  It probably means nothing.  And entering into Erick’s bizarre little world would be terrifying.

Erick and I have worked together for 6 years.  I actually started the job before Erick, but I was an intern, so apparently my seniority doesn’t count.  Erick is now becoming my boss.  He likes me to call him “Sensei” and proclaims that “he destroyed me so I could be rebuilt in his image.”

Erick is a narcissist.

Erick also said I could write his “let’s be friends” entry for him.  So he’ll get what he gets.

Other fun things about Erick:

  • Erick reads the blog everyday.  If you see sarcastic/bullying comments, those are from my sisters Erick.
  • He tore his Achilles back in September 2010 and still can’t walk quite right.  I like to challenge him to running races.
  • Our relationship can best be described as “like brother and sister”, especially pertaining to the teasing, mockery, and skepticism.
  • Erick likes to sing Ke$ha songs in the office.  It’s pretty awesome.
  • Erick is a twin.  He and his brother were both 8lb. babies.  AKA: Erick’s mother is a saint.
  • Erick’s job perk for working from home: he can wear stuff like this without getting made fun of.  But then he posts it to facebook and I put it on my blog, so it happens anyway.

In all actuality, Erick is a great friend and has really helped me grow in my job, but if I say too many nice things about him he’ll be intolerable to work with. 

Tell me about one of your coworkers!

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let’s be friends: Jen

The winner of the reader recipe poll is blueberry baked oatmeal.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

Meet Jen!

I’m a High School ESL teacher in Des Plaines IL.  I’ve been teaching for 11 years now. I grew up in IL and went to UofI in Champaign/Urbana. I was down there for 7 years because I earned my Masters too. While in college, I started playing ice hockey and I LOVED it. That’s one of the reasons I staying at UofI for so long. After college, I wanted to move somewhere that had a lot of ice hockey for women so I decided to move to MN. I moved up there without a job but I found one after a few months. I taught ESL up there for 5 years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MN and I enjoyed playing hockey and meeting Minnesotans. It’s a beautiful place to live!  However, I started to get a little homesick. My brother is married and still lives in IL. He has 4 kids. My parents still live in IL too.  I felt like I was missing out since I lived so far away. So I moved back to IL.

When I moved back, I found a job and a place to live and I kept playing hockey. In IL, women’s hockey is a little disappointing. I had trouble finding a team I liked and the ice times are brutal. It became too difficult to continue playing. Plus, I found a new love – Stair racing!  I became a competitive Stair Racer and did all the races here in IL plus one in Miami. It is a weird sport but I was pretty good so I kept racing. Then, I was convinced to start doing triathlons. After my first one, I was totally HOOKED. I got really really into triathlons and it lead me to meet my husband.

I was training so much, I injured my shoulder so I went to a chiropractor to get fixed up. After he healed me, I threatened to reinjure myself so I could keep seeing him. He got the point. He released me as his patient – It’s illegal to date your patients – and we started dating. Two years later, we had bought a house and gotten married.

That same year, I completed the Madison Ironman. About a year into our relationship, I decided to do an Ironman as a sort of “Grand Finale”.  We knew we wanted to have kids so I wanted to get the IM out of the way so I could get pregnant. So… that’s where I am now.  Teaching and working on starting a family!

UPDATE (since Jen sent in her bio): I’m pregnant!  We’re in the 11th week and the baby is due in the middle of November.  So far, all tests and doctor appointments have gone smoothly. I’m feeling pretty good and continuing to exercise moderately. No ice-cream and pickle cravings but I could probably eat pizza every day for the next 7 months – with a side of cake. 🙂

Leave a comment for Jen saying hi and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!