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Apparently when you’re overdue and you skip a day blogging people kind of assume it’s maybe because you’re laboring.  Sadly, no.  I just didn’t have anything new to say that wasn’t a lot like before (AKA: I’m still pregnant and so I cleaned this and this and I’m still pregnant).

However, I had an appointment on Tuesday and I have good progress, so there’s hope I won’t be the first eternally pregnant woman ever.  Hooray!

I actually slept through the entire night on Tuesday night, which felt glooooorious!  I asked baby girl to come on Wednesday since I was feeling so well rested but, once again, no dice.

I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and felt great.  Actually, felt not-great.  Great would be if I felt labor-y after I ran, which I did not.  I felt sweaty and energized.  So there’s that.

I’m really digging “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pitbull right now.  It’s a good song to run to.  Do you have a song you’re digging for runs?  I always love music recommendations.

I’ve struggled with dinners this week, mostly because I didn’t meal plan at all because I kind of assumed we would have a baby.  We do not.  So every day mid-morning I think “oh crap, dinner!?!”  Dave has suggested breaking out a freezer meal and then I laugh and wheeze “not my precious” in a creepy Gollum voice.

Leo is back to feeling 100% and sleeping normal, which is just all-around fantastic.  He’s also talking in much bigger sentences now, which is really fun.  You can actually see the words building up inside him and he’ll start stuttering a few out and then they just pour forward in one giant breath.  It’s awesome.  He’s also really fascinated by emotions, especially sadness.  He LOVES finding pictures of sad people/characters in books.  He likes to tell us when he feels sad, which is really healthy and great.  But he also loves to throw up his hands and scream, “I’m so excited!” or “I feel happy!”  He’s a bundle of energy and particular-ness (his blankets have to be just so or he cries) and fun.  And he’s getting really tall.

Leo’s new favorite thing is to chase Mosie around the house (“Can’t catch her!  Too fast!”).  The poor guy tries so hard and he never gets to touch her.  At least he thinks she’s playing a game… I think in Leo’s head he and Mosie are best friends.  Mosie doesn’t have quite the same view.

I’m honestly running out of things to clean.  I’ve done the windows (inside and out) and washed curtains.  Next up is the radiators – getting between the slats and under them, which is actually pretty tricky.

We got Leo’s new bookshelf yesterday so I assembled that.  In only took about an hour.  We love how it looks in his room!


reading nook!
reading nook!

That’s all!

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day 3

Sing to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”

On the third day of being overdue I:

  • ran 4 miles
  • ate a giant cinnamon roll
  • took down the video monitor from Leo’s room so Dave can set it up in baby girl’s room.  I got the 3M stickies we used off the wall and doorframe by applying hot air from a hair dryer, then peeling it up.  They pulled off easily and didn’t take off any paint!  (I also used this method to take bumper stickers off our van when we bought it.)
  • took stuff to Goodwill
  • cleaned and reorganized the last two cupboards in the kitchen.  Good thing, too.  One of the cupboards was a rotating corner cupboard and 3 of the 4 screws fell out as I was unloading it.  The last screw was pretty loose, so it was only a matter of time before the whole shebang fell apart!
  • finished a book
  • moved a box of clothes from Leo’s closet down to the basement for storage

I also made pizza because at least if I’m not laboring I’m going to eat some delicious pizza.  I mixed some of our sauce with sundried tomato pesto and spread it over the crust, then added sauteed onion and orange peppers, diced tomatoes, and cheese.  It was so good!

Also, I’m up pretty much every night now for 2-3+ hours.  Insomnia is my faaaaavorite. I’ve tried laying in bed, reading, having a snack, etc. Nothing really works – I just have to wait it out.

I have a midwife appointment this morning so hopefully I’ll have made some progress!

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cleaning the nest

Saturday morning I was pretty lazy – I took a nap on the couch in front of the fire, read a lot, and just hung out with Dave and Leo.  But then after lunch I got all inspired to do some work (my actual words to Dave were, “baby girl better come soon because I don’t know what else to clean.”).  So Saturday afternoon I:

  • took everything out of the fridge, washed all the shelves and drawers, and reorganized everything
  • took everything out of the freezer, washed all the baskets, and reorganized
  • reorganized and wiped out several kitchen cupboards
  • packed away some of Leo’s toys for temporary storage (so when we get them back out later they’ll be new and exciting again)
  • moved a chest out of Leo’s room to the mudroom
  • rearranged Leo’s room (temporary – we’ve bought a bookshelf to go in there)
  • helped Dave rake the back yard (I only lasted about an hour before my back got tired from raking/moving leaves)
  • made soup with Leo (threw together potatoes, quinoa, an onion, vegetable broth, leftover sundried tomato pesto, and some corn)
  • gave Dave and Leo haircuts

Saturday night I slept terribly – I was awake from 12am until 3:30am.  This has been happening with more and more frequency (as it did during my pregnancy with Leo) but that was an especially long stretch of wakefulness.  Once I got back to sleep Dave let me sleep in til 7am on Sunday.  Then we hurried and got ready for the early service at church and hit up the grocery store on the way home.

Sunday afternoon I:

  • deep-cleaned the bathrooms, including scrubbing the floors and then steam mopping them, wiping out the medicine cabinets, and wiping down the walls and baseboards.  My mom already offered to scrub out the tub with Bar Keeper’s Friend when she comes after baby girl is born, so I left the tub for her.  (Thanks, mom!)
  • wiped out and reorganized a couple more kitchen cupboards/drawers
  • sweepered and steam mopped the kitchen
  • made funky monkey pie

imageI told Dave I could probably make some more meals for the freezer, but he emphatically told me no, which made me laugh.  He knows that chest is packed but he’ll be hard-pressed to convince me to actually take any meals out of it to eat.

If baby girl holds off too much longer I really might run out of things to do.  Or I’ll just go crazy from impatience!

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39 weeks and ‘roid rage


At my midwife appointment on Tuesday she said she was surprised I hadn’t gone in to labor yet from running… but then said it’s equally as possible baby girl is so used to it that it doesn’t faze her.  I have a feeling it’s the latter because I ran 7 miles last weekend and did a lot of housework with Dave and felt nary a contraction.  In fact, I have yet to feel a single Braxton Hicks.  I never felt them with Leo either and since I only had back labor with him, I actually have no idea what a contraction feels like.  It’ll be a “fun” surprise!  I haven’t been checked for dilation or anything yet but that will happen tomorrow.

Everything is still feeling good and I have had absolutely no signs of labor, which makes me think baby girl is going to come late.  Running feels comfortable and fairly easy and I’m hitting 4 miles most days without a problem.  I have a new pair of running shoes waiting for me – I told myself if I’m still running at 40 weeks then I can switch to them.  Food still is kind of “meh” for me, although honeycrisp apples and cheddar cheese always sound amazing.  And the chewy chocolate chip cookies that Kimberly gave me from Trader Joe’s (oh wait, those are all gone).

Every morning I wake up and think, “maybe she’ll come today!” and every night I go to bed thinking, “oh thank goodness she didn’t come today.”  Leo, while doing better, is still a complete mess.  The steroids helped his breathing immensely but have messed a brother up.  His sleep is terrible – short naps and on Sunday morning he woke up at 2:30am for the day.  He also has some serious ‘roid rage, which is crazy when added on top of exhaustion and normal toddler irrationality.  Sunday was just insane.  He was pretty much in a constant temper tantrum from 2:30am until he went to bed at 5pm, with short reprieves for a brief nap, a walk outside, a car ride, some coloring, and a bath.  Other than that it was full meltdown over everything and nothing.  Exhausting for all of us, to say the least.

In any case, we’re hoping now that the steroids are done (Sunday was the last dose) he’ll be able to even out.  Back to baby – here are some pictures of baby girl’s room (ignore the homebirth supplies – those won’t be there after she’s here!):

the pillows in the crib are for labor - ignore them
the pillows in the crib are for labor – ignore them


gorgeous prints by our friend Lauren!
gorgeous prints by our friend Lauren!
nursing corner
nursing corner and homebirth supplies

Kim requested a picture of the freezer, so here it is!


Recent addition to the freezer: lactation cookies (taste more like granola bars than cookies, but really good)


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Earlier in this pregnancy my nesting was all about hoarding getting food in the freezer.  Once I got a decent stash of soups, chilis, pizza crusts, muffins, and more stocked up my nesting instincts calmed down.  But lately they’ve revved back up in anticipation of winter.  I’ve been really preoccupied thinking of things we needed to do to get the house ready for winter.  Ordinarily they wouldn’t be a big deal but I know once baby girl arrives even small jobs might seem more daunting.

On Saturday afternoon Dave and Leo and I tackled quite a few of the projects, which left me feeling a little more relaxed.  We have a two car garage but it is very narrow, so there isn’t tons of room in it past cars, the trashcan, and the lawn mower.  In the warm months we actually keep one car in the driveway so we can have the bikes out, the stroller down, the bike trailer out, etc.  So when we store stuff, it’s down in the basement (which luckily has tons of room!).

We put all the outdoor furniture cushions from the front and backyard into large garbage bags and put them down in the basement.  Then we folded up the bike trailer and got it stashed away in the basement, along with all of Leo’s outside toys (basketball hoop, wheelbarrow, water table, miscellaneous cars, balls, etc.).  I took the shop vac to the mudroom and then we folded up the stroller and stashed it there.  It’s accessible enough that we can still grab it for a warm day if we need it, but away enough to give us more room in the garage.  I also took the shop vac to the basement stairs and sweepered up a mess of cobwebs, about a million spider corpses, and a bunch of dust and debris.  Our basement will never be a place to hang out (our house was built in 1900 so the basement is about what you would expect – good for storage but not much else) but sweepering off the stairs did make going down there much more pleasant!

We also hung up the bikes in the garage, swept out the garage and shop vac-ed the corners and cobwebs, rearranged tools, swept the driveway, and raked the front and side yards.  In total it probably only took us about 3 hours but it made a huge difference for me, mentally, to have those things checked off!  Now when baby girl comes I won’t worry about Dave having to do all that himself (which would suck).  And both our cars are in the garage, which is nice as we’ve had a few mornings of hard frost.

Dave went another step and mowed/bagged leaves for our neighbor, too, since they’re without a mower. He’s a good man!

Do you have to do anything at your house to get ready for winter?

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36 weeks

36 weeks

Thankfully much of the discomfort I was experiencing last week has passed.  I haven’t had heartburn for awhile, which is so nice.  Running has also felt better.  I was even able to do 4 miles yesterday morning.  My pace wasn’t fast – 10:50 – but I felt really good and was able to run the whole time.  Sleep has been okay.  It takes me longer to fall asleep and I still sometimes wake up randomly in the middle of the night (and am up for awhile), but I’ve had some really good nights of sleep, too.

Our midwife home visit got cancelled on Friday – the midwife had a birth to attend – but will be rescheduled sometime this week.  I’m looking forward to that.  I also want to talk through how to time contractions, when to call her, etc.  Since I was induced with Leo I actually don’t have any experience with timing contractions.  And since I only had back labor with him, I really have no idea what a contraction feels like.  This whole birth kind of feels like a first time all over again!

Perhaps most exciting, baby girl’s room is 90% finished!  I’ve been struggling to sew a curtain for the window in the door to the balcony off her room.  I think I’ve sewn 3 or 4 different versions, but all of them have failed for one reason or another (didn’t look good, my sewing machine left grease marks on the fabric, etc.).  Finally I used no-sew iron on hem tape and hand-stitched on the red ricrac.  Originally I was going to hang the curtain from some cute knobs I picked up at Hobby Lobby but in the end took the easy route and picked up curtain hardware and a hook from Lowe’s.  And – viola! – a finished curtain that I actually LIKE instead of just tolerate!  (Huge thanks to Dave for the curtain hardware installation!)


Our sweet and talented friend Lauren designed some prints for us for the room as well.  They’re being printed on canvases and aren’t here yet, but we’re so excited for them!  For the most part the room is done.  We have a bed frame coming from my brother and sister-in-law and the canvases in the mail and a mobile that my sister is making.  But really, the room is pretty complete.  It feels really good knowing that whenever she arrives we are ready!


meet Betsy

IMG_20131008_110321 (1)

Ever since we found out we were expecting baby girl, we’ve been talking about finding a van.  Previously we had a Pontiac Grand Am and a Honda Civic.  The Grand Am was big enough for the three of us, for the most part, although long car trips took some creative packing to fit in the pack and play, jogging stroller, and all our bags.  So when we knew we would be a family of four we thought it would be a really good idea to get a van.  But we didn’t want a car payment and we were hoping to do an even trade with our Grand Am or come out ahead.  After a couple months of looking around, we found this van just a couple blocks away.  She’s older (’97) and has a lot of miles, but checked out great at the mechanic and is a Honda Odyssey, which was a big selling point for us (we love Hondas).  She’s also got a smaller frame, so she looks more like a cross between a station wagon and a van, which was a plus for us, too.  We took her for a test drive, got her checked out, and bought her up.  Three days later we sold our Grand Am via Craigslist and BAM – in one week we’d acquired a van and sold a car!

After a few drives around town we named her Betsy and taught Leo to call her “Betsy van.”  Speaking of Leo, he loves riding in a van because he can see so much more!  He’s much more content when we’re driving because he can see more – and he’s constantly chattering about what we’re passing.  It’s awesome!