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date night

Last night Dave and I escaped the house for an impromptu date night (a friend had a free night and offered to come over which was awesome!).  We hit up Applebee’s for some dessert, 100% because we had a gift card to use.  I got the chocolate lava cake and Dave got the apple chimi cheesecakes.  We finished our plates and walked out with money still on our card (return trip?).  I felt uncomfortably full because I was uncomfortable even before dessert – baby girl was not sitting so pretty.

Here’s the wild side, guys: we left at 6:59pm and arrived home at 7:58pm.  We’re crazy, I know.


We could have stayed out longer but a certain toddler that we share the house with doesn’t exactly sleep in just because we stole a date night (and since his fever this weekend still hasn’t been sleeping so great at nights or naps).

Still, 59 minutes of solo time with that guy?  The best.

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donut date

Saturday morning I did a 3 mile treadmill run – it was rainy outside, so I was relegated to the treadmill – and then Leo and I got cleaned up and dressed and headed out for a donut date!


We sat up on the big stools by the window so we could watch the cars and trucks going by.  This was Leo’s first try of donuts (I think?).  He took one bite, shivered, grinned, and said “mmmm!”  I think he’s a fan.

After our donuts we headed home.  It had cleared up by then so we took a long 4 mile walk.  We saw ducks and swans (and baby swans!) and flags and flowers… but no train.  It is a sad sad day for Leo when walks don’t involve any train sightings.  Leo played some while I read and then I got super tired, so Dave took over while I caught a nice 1 hour nap on the couch, snuggled under a big flannel blanket while the wind came in the window.  Glorious!

Later in the day we took a bike ride.  First we went to the college, where I ran Leo through some track drills


and then it was on the school buses.  Leo has been anxious to see school buses but they’re not really out anymore, now that school is over.  So instead we went to the bus parking lot.  Leo was beside himself with happiness and kept chanting “bus bus bus” while dancing in place.  Pure joy.


We’ll definitely be going back there again!

Sunday morning we went for a family run (my favorite!) where Dave pushed me to sub-9 minute miles (and he took over stroller duty, too!).  We also got to get out for a date night!  Sunday was 6 years since the day we met and it was so good to get time together just us.  We went to see the movie Now You See Me (there was also movie theater popcorn, OF COURSE) and afterwards took a walk together.  The end of the movie was a little weak but it was a lot of fun and we both liked it.  We couldn’t quite remember but it’s possible been over a year, maybe 2 since I saw a movie in the theater.  Weird!


What did you do this weekend?

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date night and boots

Dave and I got to go on a date this weekend (woohoo!!!) thanks to Leo’s awesome Uncle Chris and Aunt Melody!  They stayed with Leo while Dave and I got to go see a movie (Silver Linings Playbook) and dinner.  This was our Valentine’s date a little early, which was really sweet of Dave to plan.  For dinner we went to Mod-Mex, which was a new-to-us restaurant but one we had heard good things about.  We loved it.  Their chips were killer (thisclose to being as good as the ones we got in La Porte) and we split a black bean guacamole burrito that was awesome.  Everything is made fresh and you could definitely tell!  So so good!

And because Dave’s birthday is coming up they brought us out some fried ice cream!


In true romanticism we finished off our date with a grocery trip.  Actually, it is romantic.  Grocery shopping is much more fun when you can walk around holding hands and taking your time.

Dave also got his birthday present last week.  Per the usual, I gave his gift to him early.  But this time it made sense!  Dave doesn’t have boots, so I bought him a pair of warm boots to wear when he shovels/snow blows.  And we got snow last week, so he was able to bust them out!

Dave in his boots and Leo in the boot box.

So grateful for this man and for a chance to hang out alone together.  Happy birthday eve, Dave!

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the rest of the weekend

After the half marathon on Saturday I came home and showered and then chilled out while Leo napped and Dave raked leaves (see what I did there?  I ran in the morning and then somehow got out of leaf-raking.).  At 4 our friends picked up Leo and Dave and I got away for a date!  Not just any date, a running date.  We’ve been anxious to have a running date for a few months now, but it never worked out – either the weather (too hot) or the timing (too tired) or something else (no babysitter).  So even though I had run that morning, I jumped at the chance to run with Dave!

We did a 5K course through the woods then ran to the South Side Soda Shop, where we grabbed dinner together.  We started with homemade spiral cut fries.  Completely amazing.  I didn’t have time for pictures – those babies needed salt and to

I had the hummus/pesto plate and Dave had chicken noodle soup.  We cleaned our plates/bowls.

At home we made banana pb ice cream and stuck it in the freezer.  At 6:45 Leo was dropped off and we got him ready for bed and down for the night.  Then we watched a movie and ate our ice cream!

Sunday morning I left for Ohio to pick up some furniture from my grandma’s apartment.  Grandma has Alzheimer’s and is moving in to my aunt’s house.  My parents and aunts and uncles have been busy getting things sorted, divided up, and cleaned out (trust me, it’s a lot of work.  Grandma kept a lot of stuff.).  My sister Kelly also came on Sunday, so it was really good to see her, too (and her baby belly).  We loaded up our cars, helped pack up some remaining items in the apartment, and got to enjoy lunch with grandma and my aunt.  Then it was home again!

I love having a things in the house with a story and family tradition, from the cubbyhole desk in the front hall to the old salt and pepper shakers on the dining room table to a book with my grandma’s maiden name written in it!

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birthday weekend

It was birthday weekend over here!  I turned 28 on Friday and took the day off work to enjoy it.  Dave and I enjoyed blueberry baked oatmeal while we fed Leo breakfast, and then I headed out for a solo long run.  I took a new path through town and out to a park.  In total I ran 12 miles.  To be honest, they didn’t feel the best.  My training the past few weeks has been spotty at best (and nonexistent at worst) and I’m unprepared for the marathon this weekend.  Still, I enjoyed the run despite my legs feeling tired.  It was a beautiful morning and I even stopped at the park to swing for a little bit!

Friday afternoon our friends Joel and Rachel and their little girl, Mylin, arrived.  We just hung out Friday – ate soba noodles with bok choy and broccoli in peanut sauce and chocolate nutella molten lava crockpot cake (amazing).  Then we watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which none of us really liked as much as we thought we would (actually I didn’t really like it very much at all).  Still, we had a lot of fun talking during the movie and hanging out.  Saturday morning we got up and Rachel cooked us an amazing breakfast – cinnamon coffee cake and avocado eggs benedict (using avocado in place of hollandaise sauce – so delicious!).

We all went for a walk to the farmer’s market and back through downtown, enjoying the warm weather and talking.  Rachel and Joel and Mylin headed back home and Dave and I got Leo down for a nap and picked up around the house.  I made a giant batch of dishwasher detergent (enough to last probably 6 months) and did some reading.

Sunday we went to church and then Dave’s parents took Leo so Dave and I could go on a birthday lunch date to Flat Top Grill and Urban Swirl frozen yogurt (mmmmmm).

Best birthday card (thanks, Jill!) – the outside:


Sweetest birthday present:

A long sleeve running shirt from Kim, a fellow blogger who I’ve only met in person one time!  I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and generosity!  Included in the package was a bag of soy curls fake meat for Dave and I to try!  I wore the shirt on my run Saturday and it was perfect for the warm weather.  AND no chafing!

All in all, one fantastic weekend.  Tons of great food (thank you, Rachel!!), a run, a date, lots of conversations and laughs with friends, and perhaps best of all, Leo smiles (in a hood, no less!).

What happened for you this weekend?  Here’s Leo’s recap of the weekend:

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family picnic

The winner of the reader recipe poll is dark chocolate mousse.  Recipe and review Friday!

Saturday morning I was up and out the door to run by 5:30am, with 20 miles on the schedule.  I did 10 miles and looped back to the house for GU and water.  Miles 1-5 were pretty rough.  Miles 5-10 I was in the zone and feeling good.  I listened to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” on repeat from mile 10 until mile 16 (I took a GU at mile 14 – chocolate GU tastes like frosting.  I love.).  I wish I were kidding, but no, I really listened to that song continuously for that long – it was just fitting my mood and my pace.  By mile 16 I was feeling pretty tired and stopped at home for more GU and water.  I headed out for another 2.5 miles.  I was aiming for 20 but called it done at 18.5 – I was really tired and ready to get on with the day.  Actually, I hadn’t mapped my run out beforehand, so I wasn’t entirely sure of my mileage – I was guessing it was somewhere between 18 and 20.  18.5 miles in 3:15, 10:34 average pace.  Not my best run or my strongest, but I was happy with it considering my lack-of-running lately.  Conveniently, I have 2 half marathons coming up (the Holy Half at Notre Dame and the Towpath in Cleveland), so that will keep me in good shape for training.

But before my run on Saturday, we had a family picnic on Friday night!

Popcorn, oranges, and cheese.

After the picnic we took a walk.  This:

quickly turned into this:

Someone was a bit of a grumper Gus.  And tired.

On the five minute drive home Leo completely crashed out, head down on his chest and everything.

While he slept, we enjoyed ice cream and March Madness!

The rest of the weekend contained a little bit of everything – laundry, March Madness, grocery shopping, an Irish dinner with friends, and more March Madness!

Are you watching March Madness?  Who are you cheering for?  GO KENTUCKY!!

date nights

over the weekend (mostly in pictures and mostly food)

Friday night soba noodles with garlicky kale, carmelized onions, and parmesan cheese.  We watched Anchorman and miracle of miracles – we actually made it through the whole movie!  Since Leo it generally takes us a lot longer to get through a movie.

Saturday was my long run (but more on that in a post tomorrow), getting our taxes done, lunch with Dave’s sister and her husband, and dinner with Dave’s parents.  Leo showed off his mad avocado-eating skills.

Sunday morning Dave made eggs and coffee and I made garlicky kale.  Served with a side of pear.

For lunch we made soft pretzels – salt and cinnamon sugar versions.  Is there anything better than salty, fresh-from-the-oven dough?

Sunday night was broccoli, onion, red pepper pizza on cornmeal crust

…followed by mudslides.  Now how’d that get in there?

What did you eat this weekend?