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molly june: 6 months+


Molly turned 6 months on December 28, so I guess she’s closer to 7 months now than 6.  A few things about our littlest girl:

  • She’s still working on crawling but definitely scooting around – sometimes on her belly, sometimes on hands and knees (she hasn’t figured out how to alternate her arms/legs yet, so it’s often a jump forward with both knees).  She rolls and spins and can go forwards and backwards.  She’s recently mastered an inchworm move to get forward.
  • She loves to chat and she can’t smile without also kicking her legs and waving her arms aggressively.  Seriously, every smile is full body.
  • She still has the most beautiful blue eyes.
  • We call her “little goat” because everrrrrything goes in her mouth.
  • She’s eating baby food now and so far she’s had sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado, peas, green beans, prunes, pumpkin, and apples.  She’s not a fan of avocado but does pretty well with the rest.  She also likes puffs, but needs help with them – she can pick them up but hasn’t figured out how to release them into her mouth yet!
  • She is very social, loves face time with people, and gets sad if she is left alone or if she sees you leave a room.  She definitely wants to be part of the action.
  • She’s sitting up fairly well on her own.  She definitely still topples over, but she can hang out sitting up for a few seconds or more.
  • Sucks her thumb for comfort but takes a pacifier to go to sleep.
  • Loves: her toes, chewing on things, grabbing hair (Katie and I can attest to this), watching Leo and Katie, peekaboo, jumping, being held and talked to, splashing in the bath, her stuffed lamb, sleeping on her belly or side
  • Dislikes: being alone, getting her face and hands wiped
  • Schedule: takes two naps a day (8-10am, 1-3pm).  Goes down around 7pm and up at 6am and is really inconsistent at night – still up every 3-4 hours, most nights.  She’s often up in between that, too, needing to be resettled.  It’s rare that she does a chunk longer than 2 hours without needing something – pacifier, rolled over, nursing, etc.  Nurses every 3 hours or so during the day.
  • Nicknames: Junie, Junebug (“Ju-buh!” as Katie always says it), Molly Junie, Juniper Berry, Mollygirl
  • She goes to the doctor again at the beginning of February but I’d bet she’s 16 pounds or more.  While she’s not overly chunky she’s by far our chubbiest baby (and we loooove it).  She’s got delicious thigh rolls, hanging cheeks, and a soft little chin.  She also seems very long, as she’s already in a lot of 9 month clothing (and size 3 diapers).

The past 6 (7) months have gone SO fast!  Molly has been such a sweet and happy addition to our family with her big grins and belly laughs and chatter.  We love watching her grow and can’t wait to find out more about her and who she is!


Also, two baby items that I didn’t have before but LOVE this time around:

  • NoseFrida snot sucker.  This gets snot out so easily and most of the time Molly doesn’t even seem bothered by it.  It’s easy to clean, too.  You can also move it around better to get different angles.  When Molly had a cold at Christmas it was both horrifying and weirdly satisfying to see all the snot I sucked out.  Highly highly highly recommend.  (Thanks, Kelly!)
  • Silicone teething necklace.  This definitely isn’t a “need” but I bought this with Christmas money and really love it.  I wear it everyday and I don’t think it looks like I’m wearing a baby toy.  Molly loves to grab it and chew on it.  It’s also washable (which reminds me to do that tonight).
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molly june


Introducing Molly June, born at 10:42pm on June 28th, 7 pounds 1 ounce, 19 inches long.

And while I’m here: her birth story!

My due date was June 22 and my mom wanted to come to help us out after Molly was born.  Given that my parents live about 11 hours away, we tried to guess when would be a good time for her to come based on my progress at doctor appointments.  I was also strep B positive, which meant that ideally I would receive 4 hours of antibiotics prior to the birth (if I didn’t get 4 hours worth then I would need to stay in the hospital 48 hours rather than 24 – not what we wanted).  My mom arrived at our house on June 21.  We were thrilled to have her and hopeful we would have a baby soon.  Monday (my due date) came and went.  Mom took on plenty of projects around the house – cleaning things I don’t normally get to (like scrubbing my radiators, wiping down baseboards, etc.) and sewing a bunch of curtains for me for various rooms.

Early Friday morning I was having contractions.  They weren’t painful but given how fast Kate’s labor went once it took off, we thought we should go to the hospital.  We arrived and got set up with antibiotics.  Four hours later and two rounds of antibiotics the doctor checked me.  I hadn’t really progressed so she stripped my membranes and discharged me, telling me to come back if my contractions picked up.  The antibiotics would be good in my system until midnight that night, so we were hopeful.  We went home and went on a long walk and I even went for a 2.5 mile run to try to encourage things along.  It seemed to do the opposite, as my contractions completely stopped.  Frustrating, but oh well.

Fast forward to early Sunday morning and again, contractions.  This time they felt a little stronger – not painful but I could feel them more than Friday morning.  I debated about the hospital but in the end thought we should go, since we would need to redo the antibiotics.  We got there and they monitored me for a bit and then told me to go walk for an hour and come back and be monitored again.  We did and after the second monitoring I was discharged again – as labor was stalled out again and I hadn’t progressed really (Friday I had been 2cm and Sunday morning I was just 3cm).  I was feeling really emotional at this point – I felt stupid for going to the hospital twice with false labor and I felt confused about what was happening – why contractions would start and stop, why I wasn’t progressing, how I was supposed to know when to come in or not.  The doctor told me to wait until they were every 5 minutes, 1 minute long, for an hour, which helped me to have a solid idea of what I was looking for (prior to this it was more a vague, “when labor starts” since we knew I might go fast).

The rest of Sunday I basically had no contractions.  We went to Walmart and picked up groceries, went for some walks, etc.  Dave and I went to bed around 8pm that night.  At 9:30pm I woke up to a monster contraction – right away I was breathing to get through it, concentrating on staying relaxed.  I grabbed my phone and started timing them.  They were coming every 3 minutes and lasting a minute.  After 20 minutes I woke up Dave and told him that I was having contractions and they were really hurting.  He immediately got up and said we needed to get ready for the hospital.  I said no, that we were supposed to wait for an hour, but he said we were going now (smart man).  I got up at 10pm to get dressed and my water broke.  Contractions started coming every 2 minutes and 1 minute then.  We hurried out to the car, hugged my mom goodbye, and drove to the hospital (fortunately just a mile away for us).  I gratefully accepted the wheelchair ride up to labor and delivery and we got checked in to our room.  I changed in to my gown just after 10:20 and told the nurse I felt a lot of pressure.  She checked me and yep, I was complete (truthfully I had been feeling pressure starting about when my water broke, so I think I was complete way earlier).  I started pushing, our doctor arrived (luckily she lives close to the hospital, too), and at 10:42pm Molly arrived!

It was a crazy fast labor and delivery, which made it challenging while I was in it, because I felt like I was on a runaway train.  There was no buildup or adjusting to the labor – it was just there, full-force, and all-in.  But it also made things so much easier.  Physically I’ve recovered much quicker because my body didn’t have to work for very long – I wasn’t all-body sore or exhausted like I was with Leo and Kate.  And because labor was so fast, we still got to go home after 24 hours, which we were really grateful for!


Leo and Kate have both adjusted really well – they love to give Molly kisses and Katie loves to touch her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc.  Then after they kiss her they completely forget about her and get on with their normal play.



Molly is gaining weight well – at her 10 day appointment yesterday she was 7 pounds 8 ounces.  She’s pretty mellow overall (moreso than I remember Kate or Leo being) and a good sleeper and eater.  She’s made the adjustment from 2 to 3 remarkably smooth (so far).


We love her to bits and are so so glad she is here!  (I’m realizing we are definitely missing a family photo of all 5 of us… we clearly need to get on that!  And one of the three kids!)

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Kate: 2 months


Our sweet girl is 2 months old (well, I’m 2 days early)!

We’re not on a set schedule yet, but we’re getting close to one.  With Leo I tried to get him on a set schedule right away, but I’ve been more laid back with Kate and allowed her to kind of settle in to her own pattern.  Most mornings she wakes up around 7:30 or 8am and feeds every 3 (sometimes 2.5) hours throughout the day.  She naps about an hour and a half in between – sometimes more, sometimes less.  She tends to want to feed to go down for the night around 5:30 or 6pm.  At night she sleeps 4-5 hours for the first stretch, then 3-4 hours after that.  She’s a dream sleeper at night – feeds and goes right back down.  Our roughest night has really only been a hiccup compared to some of the rougher nights we had with Leo.

Around 7 weeks Kate really started to mellow out and ease out of her rage-baby tendencies.  We are so grateful.  Most days she doesn’t rage at all.  Sure, she’ll cry or get upset, but it’s not like the intense screaming she did before, where she’d turn red, stand up on you, beat her fists, and get a sweaty head.  She likes to be bounced but I’m not having to do the sharp squats like I was before.  And lately I haven’t had to stand and squat to get her to latch on either.  Hooray!  She’s really settling in, which is so sweet to see.

We’re getting tons of smiles now, which we love.  It’s really pretty easy to coax a smile from her.  Kate talks a little, but you can tell she really wants to let loose with sounds!  She makes such faces and moves her mouth all around and then only one tiny coo will find its way out.  We can’t wait to hear all she’ll have to say as she continues to find her voice!

Nursing is still going really well.  I’ve started to add pumping in 1-2 times a day so I can start building a freezer supply.  But it’s just been a completely 180 from before.  I feel like I’m finally starting to relax a bit and not fret so much over my supply.

We are in cloth diapers full-time now, after using up our supply of disposables.  It definitely makes clothes fit different, but we love her cute and fluffy diaper butt!  I’m still figuring out how many diapers to put in Leo’s room versus Kate’s room.  We have 25 (ish?) diapers between the two.  Kate definitely gets the bulk of them, as she goes through way more diaper changes a day.  I think I’ll probably be doing a load every other day now.

Favorites: sitting up, being held upright, her bouncer chair animals, being warm, when we blow raspberries or make funny sounds, looking at ceiling fans.


Dislikes: getting dressed (hates it), baths (she loved them at first!), being held on her back, tummy time.

We have Kate’s 2 month appointment on the 21st, so we don’t have an official weight or height, but I’m guessing 23″ and 9.5 pounds or so?  She’s starting to get some chub on her thighs (the best!!!)!

Leo still adores Kate and love to kiss her, hold her on his lap, and be around her.  He shows her his toys and talks to her and is really so incredibly sweet to her (and she loves to watch him!).  We sometimes have to watch that he’s not TOO loving!  But we really hope this is an indicator of their future relationship.  Sure, they’ll fight, but we hope that their mutual adoration continues!


We can’t wait to learn more about Kate and who she is – her personality, what she likes, things she finds funny.  She’s such a sweet and beautiful girl and her presence has really added more depth and personality to our family!

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39 weeks and ‘roid rage


At my midwife appointment on Tuesday she said she was surprised I hadn’t gone in to labor yet from running… but then said it’s equally as possible baby girl is so used to it that it doesn’t faze her.  I have a feeling it’s the latter because I ran 7 miles last weekend and did a lot of housework with Dave and felt nary a contraction.  In fact, I have yet to feel a single Braxton Hicks.  I never felt them with Leo either and since I only had back labor with him, I actually have no idea what a contraction feels like.  It’ll be a “fun” surprise!  I haven’t been checked for dilation or anything yet but that will happen tomorrow.

Everything is still feeling good and I have had absolutely no signs of labor, which makes me think baby girl is going to come late.  Running feels comfortable and fairly easy and I’m hitting 4 miles most days without a problem.  I have a new pair of running shoes waiting for me – I told myself if I’m still running at 40 weeks then I can switch to them.  Food still is kind of “meh” for me, although honeycrisp apples and cheddar cheese always sound amazing.  And the chewy chocolate chip cookies that Kimberly gave me from Trader Joe’s (oh wait, those are all gone).

Every morning I wake up and think, “maybe she’ll come today!” and every night I go to bed thinking, “oh thank goodness she didn’t come today.”  Leo, while doing better, is still a complete mess.  The steroids helped his breathing immensely but have messed a brother up.  His sleep is terrible – short naps and on Sunday morning he woke up at 2:30am for the day.  He also has some serious ‘roid rage, which is crazy when added on top of exhaustion and normal toddler irrationality.  Sunday was just insane.  He was pretty much in a constant temper tantrum from 2:30am until he went to bed at 5pm, with short reprieves for a brief nap, a walk outside, a car ride, some coloring, and a bath.  Other than that it was full meltdown over everything and nothing.  Exhausting for all of us, to say the least.

In any case, we’re hoping now that the steroids are done (Sunday was the last dose) he’ll be able to even out.  Back to baby – here are some pictures of baby girl’s room (ignore the homebirth supplies – those won’t be there after she’s here!):

the pillows in the crib are for labor - ignore them
the pillows in the crib are for labor – ignore them


gorgeous prints by our friend Lauren!
gorgeous prints by our friend Lauren!
nursing corner
nursing corner and homebirth supplies

Kim requested a picture of the freezer, so here it is!


Recent addition to the freezer: lactation cookies (taste more like granola bars than cookies, but really good)


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cleveland weekend

The winner of the cereal giveaway is Wen!  Email me at and I’ll get you set up!

Leo and I took off Friday morning for Cleveland to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces.  But first: belly picture!  14 weeks:


We hit the road around 10am armed with snacks (for both of us) and videos (for Leo) and podcasts (for me).  About an hour later we stopped in Angola, Indiana, at Trine University.  It seemed the perfect spot to eat some lunch and let Leo roam around a bit.  We picnicked in the car and then Leo showed me the grounds.  He climbed up on this bench and I asked him “what does a champion do?”


Dave taught him that trick and I think it is super cute!  We got back in the car and I gave Leo Mr. Carrot and told him “night night!”  He talked to himself for a little bit and then went to sleep with no trouble.  Awesome!  He slept about 1.5 hours and then woke up, so we made a stop at a travel plaza to change his diaper and let him run a little bit… and get me some half-caf coffee!  We made it to Cleveland around 3pm and spent the afternoon/evening playing with cousins, hanging out, and catching up.  My brother was working late so I got the chance to sit and talk with my sister-in-law after all the kids went to bed.  It’s been awhile since it’s been just us together and it was so good!

Saturday morning we hung out at the house.  Leo was more than happy to play with his cousins and a whole bunch of new-to-him toys!  Then Saturday afternoon we all went to the natatorium that they belong to.  It has this awesome indoor pool with slides and fountains and sprinkles.  It’s also zero-entry, which is good for Leo since he’s had limited exposure to pools.

IMG_20130511_162206 (1)

Leo did great and seemed to really enjoy the water, once he got used to it.  For the first 10-15 minutes he just walked in ankle deep, turned and walked out, then walked in again.  Eventually he went deeper and then got drawn in to the fountains and, of course, the slide!  We played in the water for a little over an hour and then changed and went out to the big indoor treehouse playground inside the lobby.


Sunday morning we packed up and headed home.  It was a short weekend but so fun.  Leo loved playing with his cousins and their dog and I loved seeing my nieces and getting to talk with my brother and sister-in-law!

not sure who liked looking outside more.

The trip home was uneventful and smooth – Leo watched a video, we picnic lunched in the car, and then he napped the rest of the way home!  Easy!


Sunday night I picked out Pitch Perfect for Dave and I – enjoyed with buttered noodles and a blizzard (the May flavor of the month – choco peanut butter brownie is amazing).  Such a great weekend.  So grateful for this little bugaboo who made me a mom and for Dave who helps me be a good parent!