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100 days challenge: complete

The 100 days challenge ended on Wednesday!  I ran a total of 347 miles and never missed a day (although there were more than a few 1 mile runs because I didn’t have time – or energy – for more miles).  The last week I barely ran, as I was in Tennessee and was more focused on hanging out than getting good runs in (even though the weather there was perfect!).  Today I planned to do 5 yassos to kickstart my 101st day of running, but I was so tired and sore and stiff from traveling (still!) that I just did an easy mile.  One week of marathon training down the tube, but it was a fall-back week, mileage-wise, so I’m not concerned.

Right now I don’t have official plans for extending the challenge, although I hope to keep running every day.  But if I miss a day or really need a day off, I guess I’ll take one.  Still, I hope to keep the challenge going!

And as for Fabuary, I completely fell off that bandwagon!  But I’m getting back to it today and will just extend it into March!

What are you challenging yourself with lately?

100 days challenge · fABuary · running

fabuary fail

I’m currently two days behind in Fabuary.  A few times before I’ve gotten a day behind and I’ve just doubled up… but I don’t think I can handle tripling!  So today I’ll just start from where I’m at and I’ll be two days short on Fabuary.  Is there a March ab plan?  I wouldn’t mind it!

We’re closing in on the last week of the 100 days challenge.  I’m still on the fence about keeping the challenge going.  On one hand, I like knowing I have to run every day.  It keeps me from being a skipper because I’m tired or not feeling motivated (two easy excuses for me).  On the other hand, I don’t want running to be a have to, but to keep it as a want to.  So we’ll see.

It’s also challenged my thoughts about rest days.  Previously, I thought rest days were essential.  I still do, but my idea of them is modified.  Before, a rest day was just that – complete rest, no running, no cross-training.  A “rest day” now is a very easy, short run – a handful of miles at a slow pace.  And you know what?  My legs feel just as good and fresh as a full rest day… maybe even better.

What are your thoughts behind rest days?

100 days challenge

100 days challenge: day 87

Miles run so far: 304.9 (clearly I need to add .1 to my mileage sometime soon to get back to an even number)

Today I did 1 mile warm-up (6.0), then 4 sets of yassos – 8.0 for .5 mile, 6.5 for .25 mile, repeat.  Cooled down at 6.0 again.  I think next week or the following my yassos start increasing (I’ll eventually get up to 10).  Does anyone know what speeds of the treadmill translate to in terms of pace?  I’m not actually sure if 8.0 is the speed I should be going for yassos or not!

This morning was also my first morning in my new schedule.  Yesterday Dave and I sat down and figured out how I could best work my morning to get everything finished – especially a run.  If I miss my run before 8am I have to either squeeze it in on my lunch break (not ideal) or after dinner, when it often gets shortened.  So here’s my new morning schedule:

  • 5am-5:45am: pump and eat a small snack while reading the bible and praying.  change into running clothes.
  • 5:45am-6:30am: run.  On Wednesdays I have a longer run, so on those morning I’ll run til 6:45 or 7.
  • 6:30am-8am: stretch, shower, eat breakfast, read, hang with Leo

This morning went really well and since Leo slept until 7:45, I even had about 20 minutes to just sit and read.  It was awesome!

What are your mornings like?


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100 days challenge: day 74

I saw this on facebook this morning and about died laughing.


Moving on!  It’s day 74 of the 100 days challenge!  Only 26 more days.  It’s passing quickly and yes, I’m already considering how much longer I can keep the streak.  200 days?  A whole year??

  • Miles run so far: 241 miles
  • Best run: this morning, where Dave gave me a piece of chocolate.  Chocolate while you run?  Fantastic!

On tap for this weekend: The Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K (virtual race), sponsored by The Boring Runner.  I need to print off race bibs for Dave and I.  And then I need to tell Dave about the 5K and how we’re going to run it.  And probably how I’ll make it a competition between us.  And how Dave will need to run first so I can be sure to beat his time.

I have a lot to tell Dave, obviously.

Also for this weekend: 9 mile long run.  A scale-back week, which I love.  After the confidence-busting 12 mile run I had on Wednesday, I’m all ready to crush those 9 miles and get my “yes, marathon!” attitude back.

What are you up to this weekend?

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100 days challenge: day 65

Two thirds of the way there!  If anything, this challenge has gotten easier, which continues to surprise me.  And now that I have my marathon training plan, I have two reasons to get my run in everyday!

  • Miles run so far: 199 miles
  • Longest run: 11 miles

This month I also had to switch to using different headphones on the treadmill.  My original pair, some cheap earbuds from Walmart, kept electric-shocking me while I ran!  I’m using a pair of Dave’s now and haven’t had an issue.  Full earphones are hot, but it beats getting zapped in the ear while you run!

What’s something random that’s happened to you lately?

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100 days challenge: day 53

In the midst of all our traveling from Tennessee, I totally missed the halfway point of the 100 days challenge!  I’m now on day 53 of the challenge.  So far I’ve run 152 miles!  I’ve been really surprised how easy it’s been to run every day.  I thought for sure I’d be too tired, but it really is easy to run at least 1 mile a day (especially with our treadmill).  Sometimes I only have time for 1 mile, but chances are if I get on the treadmill and I have time, I’ll do more than 1 mile, even if I felt tired.  I’m also really grateful Dave is supportive – there’s been a lot of times Leo has woken from a nap early or I just wanted to finish a mile and Dave has happily pitched in to make sure I can run.

Last night I got a great workout in using an idea from the recent edition of Runner’s World.  I ran at 6.0 for one song to warm up.  At the beginning of the next song, I ran at 8.5 for 90 seconds, then came down to 7.0 for the rest of the song.  When the next song came on I ran again at 8.5 for 90 seconds, then back down to 7.0.  I repeated this for 6 or 7 songs, then cooled down at 6.0 to round out my mileage.  I ended up doing 5 miles in 41:22, 8:16 pace!  Generally I can’t hold at 7.0 for too long, but because I was pushing at 8.5, 7.0 felt like a slower, easier pace.  It was a great workout and made the time and miles fly by.  I think if I had time I could have even gone longer.  I’ll definitely do this one again!

Favorite new song: Raise Your Glass by Pink.  Love it!  What new music are you loving lately?

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i’m baaaack!

Hi again!  Man, it’s been a long time, huh?  Dave and I returned home last night from Tennessee, where we enjoyed a long and relaxing and very fun week with my family.  It was really nice to get away and to hang out with everyone, but it’s also really nice to be home, sleeping in our own bed.  Here’s a bit of how the week broke down:

I managed to keep the 100 days running challenge alive, mainly due to the help of my sister, Kelly.  This included 2 runs at 10pm, one of which we did in our jeans and regular clothes.  The longest run I did all week was 4 miles and it felt like 20.  Overeating for a week straight does not make for good running (or for pants fitting).  Most runs were 1-2 miles.  Dave and I ran together a few times as well – his foot is finally feeling better!

Leo got lots of time with his cousins

and his aunts, uncles, and oma and opa (grandma and grandpa).  He was a champ through all the new faces, new places, and being passed around.  He napped well and even continued sleeping through the night!  What a boy!

I’ve got plenty of other things to catch up on – a 2011 running review and book review, plus a look at goals for 2012 – but that’s all for now!  Happy New Year!