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hitting my stride

I’m deep in my training for the Another Dam 50K with Kimberly.  Last weekend I ran 24 miles early on a Friday morning – I got up at 3:15am and was out the door at 4 with my pepper spray and my headlamp.  At 5 I met up with some friends, ran with them til 7, then finished out my run solo.  I got in the door at 7:59am, with a 9:38 pace that would have put me on track for a PR in the marathon.  This morning was supposed to be a rest day but my legs were itching to run.  I flew through 5 miles, averaging 8:56 pace for the whole run, and it felt fun.  I wanted to do more.  This is the part of training I love, when I’m getting strong and the miles are happy instead of just work.  When my stride feels long and tall and quick.  When I come back euphoric instead of just tired.  When getting out the door is easy because I want to be out there, not “have to.”  When the sweat feels like a reward instead of a wringing out of energy.  This is why I run.


4 thoughts on “hitting my stride

  1. I love reading this! Your good attitude is such an inspiration! I love the positive energy and the fact that you are always wanting to get out there.

    I am still running a decent amount, but my attitude has been awful lately. Sometimes it’s for fun, but more often it is out of habit. I think I’ll read your post before I exercise in the morning.

  2. Phew, I needed to read a post like this today. I’m deep in the NOT fun part of training. I can’t wait to get back to this place!

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