this is 33

This week I turn 33 years old.  Age is not a big deal to me, but I’m noticing some things shifting for me as I move through the years.  Here are a few.

This is 33 means…

  • My best friends and I, whom I’ve known since elementary, middle, and high school, had an email exchange last week about anti-aging products and how none of us use them but pretty much all of us have started wondering if we should.  (Feel free to comment with suggestions for us, if you have them.)
  • My hands look more and more like my mom’s, which I love.  Her hands have always struck me as so strong and capable.  They look like they’ve put in the work – they’re dry and they crack in the winter and her veins run in ridges across the top.  Mine are starting to look like this, too, and it honestly makes me a little emotional to look down and see my mom’s hands on me.  It makes me proud.
  • My go-to birthday dinner has long been macaroni and cheese, but this year I’m switching over to a brie asparagus tart and a kale caesar salad with polenta croutons.  Also chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
  • My coworker had a birthday this week, too.  He turned 22.  Seriously.  22 is old enough to hold a full-time job and be a college graduate.  What?!  I’m seriously having a hard time believe this and feeling very old.

Probably the biggest thing, lately, is that my resting (stubborn) weight is about 5 pounds over what I’d like to be at, and I’m finding I just don’t care that much.  I have less space in my brain and emotions for worrying about my size or my weight.  I’m moving my body and trying to eat moderately well and maybe that’s enough in itself instead of continually chasing a specific number.  It feels like time to let that go, which maybe sounds like a compromise but I think is a sign of health.  It feels both a little scary and really good to acknowledge this is my body and it’s strong and it’s running and if it’s not as lean as I’d like it’s maybe just not that big of a deal and not worth chasing down.  I’d rather chase my kids and running goals and experiences and let that worrying and striving part go.  This is 33.  It feels really good.


4 thoughts on “this is 33

  1. It seems like every year I feel happier too and I’m 46. I started using Retin-A at about age 40 to reduce any fine lines and I think it works!! Lots of research saying that it works too…Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday! I’m turning 33 this year but I’m for sure only 22 in my head. I had some friends start using anti-aging stuff in college. I’m way behind. I used philosophy for a while. My mom sells Rodan + Fields so I have that now. It’s pricey but I use it half as often as I should so I can stretch it out. If nothing else I have a very soft face.

  3. So well said Kim! Happy Birthday!

    I too look at the tops of my hands and see my mom’s, and Grandma’s too. Thankfully my fingers have not started to bend yet, but i know it is just a matter of time.

    Enjoy your day and your chocolate cake with PB frosting!

  4. I have to say I too have had a recent realization that although I am 8 (5 would be better) pounds above my lowest, I look okay, I get to enjoy treats with my children, and I am a lot more content when I focus on things like my pants fitting and my health being good, than chasing a number. That’s been a big shift for me and one that has really been pretty refreshing. As a result, I’m thinking a lot more about nutrition as being fuel and a lot less about how I can manipulate the weight watcher points to allow myself the greatest amount of ice cream at the end of the day. Fist pound to maturity! And I have my mom’s hands, too, and feel the same way.

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