January 1 I started my second round of Whole30 (eating plan that eschews sugar, carbs, and dairy).  I first did Whole30 back in May.  It was really hard at the beginning and I wanted to sell my children for crackers, chips, and sugar, but then it got easier and I started to get in the routine and I really loved it.  When I finished I was so happy with it.  Here are some of the reflections I had:

D31: I made it through and I’m so glad I did it.  It’s been really eye-opening and habit-changing for me.  My goals going in to this were to change WHAT I was eating and WHY I was eating.  I think both of these were accomplished, although probably moreso the WHAT than the WHY.  Some reflections:

1) Centering my meals on veggies is really not that hard and the meals are still really delicious.  Bonus: I feel better after eating them, both because they’re not as heavy and because I know I ate something more nutritious.

2) After these 30 days I feel more empowered to make choices, especially for snacks, that aren’t centered around crackers.

3) I (hopefully) have broken the habit of getting a snack for myself whenever I get one for the kids.

4) I lost 8 pounds, which is awesome, especially since normally I really struggle to lose any weight while I’m nursing.  I’m back at the weight I was pre-Molly, which feels good as her first birthday approaches.

5) More importantly, I feel way more comfortable in my body.  I feel leaner and lighter.  My energy is more consistent throughout the day.  I’m not bloated.  My clothes fit better.

6) Peanut butter probably isn’t the best choice for me as it tends to make my stomach feel off and gives me gas.  And I think that’s my emotional-eat food in the absence of sugar or carbs.  I’m having such a hard time quitting it!  Almond butter is good, but it’s no peanut butter.

I could probably keep going but in summary: I’m so glad I did this.  I’m planning on keeping going with this (a second round, if you will), to really ingrain these new habits in myself.  I might “cheat” here and there, but overall want to remain close to this eating plan.  I’m also hoping to break my peanut butter addiction.

I kept it up for awhile and then slowly let old habits creep back in.  I was marathon training, so carbs were necessary!  Deserved!  Then it was the holidays so cookies and snacks and everything else.  By the end of November I was already feeling blah and I knew it was because my carb and sugar intake had increased a lot.  But I didn’t change anything in December.  So January 1 I decided to do my second round of Whole30.  It was less because of January 1 and more because it was a good opportunity – special occasions were all past and it was a good window of time for me to try it again.  I also have a trip coming up later this month that I knew I wanted to look and feel my best for.

Technically I’m not really doing Whole30 since I’m eating beans and tofu and sometimes quinoa.  I’m doing a vegetarian version (and beans, tofu, and quinoa are good proteins for me).  But I am cutting out sugar and carbs, especially processed ones, and dairy.  I’m centering my meals on veggies and fruit and protein.

I’m currently on day 5 and it’s been easier this round.  The cravings haven’t been as bad, although some of the crankiness is still there.  But I’m already feeling better – less bloated, more energetic, empowered to make healthier eating choices.  (If you want to follow I post on @snacksmierau on instagram.)

I’ll post about this again at the end, with reflections from a round 2.

Sidenote: to me this is not a diet or a detox.  It’s creating healthier eating patterns and habits in myself.  I know I have a habit of making carbs and sugar the staple of my diet and I’d rather veggies, fruit, and protein were the foundation (and from experience I know I feel better when this is the case).

Have you ever done Whole30?  What was your experience?


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  1. THis was super interesting to read! Good for you! I’ve never tried whole 30 but it intrigues me. Do you feel like it’s a lot of prep and you have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen?

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