podcasts, take 2

Not too long ago I posted about my favorite podcasts.  Since then, the list has shifted a little.  Here are my current favorites:

The Popcast: still my all-time favorite.  So hilarious and fun to listen to.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: I love hearing two women talk.  Is that weird?  It’s just so interesting to listen in to their conversation, learn new things, feel validated in others.  It swings from deep and thoughtful to silly and lighthearted and surface.

The Big Boo Cast: Similar to The Happy Hour, but always the same two hosts.  Bonus: southern accents.

Mom Struggling Well: Two women talking again!  Has a more parenting-focused bent, but runs the gamut of topics.  I’ve found it encouraging, hilarious, and challenging for my attitude and perspective as a mom.  The host, Emily, does not take herself too seriously and is very honest about her struggles/frustrations as a mom and person, which I love.

ARC Stories: Looking at the southern tradition of telling stories.  They have a topic and then various people will share stories around that topic.  It’s personal, sometimes very funny, and intimate.  I love it.

Lazy Genius: Kendra is on a break right now as she recently had her third baby, but I always look forward to her podcasts.  She’s insightful, funny, sarcastic, and smart.

Other podcasts I touch on periodically: by design, Young House Love, Mud Stories, Surviving Sarah, What Should I Read Next (I really like this one and her book recommendations are wonderful, but my list of To-Read is crazy long right now so I needed a break.)

What are your favorite podcasts?


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  1. Always fun to see a new post from you!!! Some day, I imagine, I’ll get to listen to podcasts again…and these sound like great ones to listen to! I would love to see you post about your crazy long to-read list! Always looking for a good book recommendation

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