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Last week we took family pictures.  Our last family picture was December of 2014, so I thought it would be nice to have a picture of all of us (although, to be fair, I was 12 weeks pregnant with Molly at the time, so technically she was there, too).

We scheduled the pictures for 5pm on a Tuesday at a local calendar garden.  At 4pm I was already annoyed, as Leo and Katie were being absolutely crazy while I was trying to dress them – lots of naked cartwheels, not listening, etc.  I gave them a big snack and packed more in my purse.  We sent Leo and Katie out to the car while we rounded up a few last minute items, then came out to the garage to find both of them sobbing.  Apparently Leo had stabbed Katie in the eye with a pencil (somewhat by accident) and he felt guilty and her eye hurt.  At that point it was almost comical to me.  I tossed some more snacks in their general direction and they recovered (and Katie’s eye was fine).

I had told our photographer that I really just hoped for one picture of all of us and one of the three kids.  And that our expectations were pretty low because we knew our age range and how tricky it can be to get a good picture of all three at the same time.  We started with the family picture.  We did family pictures in two places and by the end of the second place Leo was already asking if we were done, Katie couldn’t stop coughing from the cold air, and Molly really wanted to explore

We coaxed about ten more minutes out of them using threats and crackers before calling it.  The whole thing was probably 15 minutes, 20 max, but our photographer was patient (she’s a mom) and sweet with the kids.  And she totally caught some fantastic pictures!

My absolute favorite.
And this one!
An accurate depiction of what our photographer had to work with.
So close…


So close… and then Katie coughed.

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  1. I love this so much – there’s 5 of us in our family too and we really struggle to get one good one. GREAT JOB!

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