on running

For the last year or more I’ve wondered if I’m still a runner.  I haven’t run very much and when I have it’s felt pretty awful.  I didn’t enjoy it and it felt too difficult, both mentally and physically.  I thought maybe I just wasn’t the runner I used to be, that maybe something had shifted in me and I needed to find something else.  But recently Molly has started sleeping through the night the majority of the time (insert a happy dance, jazz hands, and all the heart-eye emojis here) and I’ve been running in the mornings again.  It started with intervals – running 3 or 4 minutes, then walking for 1, and repeat.  Then I switched to just ditching the intervals and running and one morning as I cruised through the miles I realized I’m enjoying this.  Turns out when I’m not feeling as bone-deep tired, I really do still love running.  I love the quiet mornings.  I love the alone time and the breathing and pushing my legs and my lungs.  I like feeling sweaty and that burst of energy that comes from tiring yourself out a bit.  I’m looking forward to my morning runs again and enjoying the work.  It feels a bit like getting some of myself back again.


3 thoughts on “on running

  1. That’s the great thing about running. You might have to leave for a bit, but running is always there when you return. Cheers!

  2. Oh, sleep is the most important thing when you are raising those babies. Your running will come back in full force soon and you will be so happy! Good for you!

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