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In the last year or so I have really gotten into podcasts.  I credit Dave – he loves podcasts.  I wasn’t too interested but once I started listening I was hooked!  They’re especially great for long car rides.  Once a week I travel for work an hour and 45 minutes each way and podcasts really help the drive pass quickly and keep me awake.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The Popcast: This is by far my favorite.  They’re mostly discussing pop culture, but Knox and Jamie are hilarious and so entertaining.  I also love their southern accents.  I eat these podcasts up and I’ve been back-listening to episodes, too.  Can’t get enough and never gets old.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: Every week Jamie brings another woman on and they just talk about life.  It sounds basic but it’s really fun to listen to.  They tend to run the gamut in terms of deep, emotional stories, funny tidbits, and silly details about fashion or makeup.

Surviving Sarah: I just started listening to this one, but so far I like it.  It is pretty similar to Jamie Ivey, although maybe a little more serious.

What Should I Read Next: Anne Bogel interviews someone each week and asks them to name three books they love, one they hate, and what they’re reading right now.  Then she makes recommendations based off of that.  I’ve written down a bunch of books to read that she’s talked about.  Episodes are pretty short, too.

Relevant: I haven’t been listening to this one as much recently, mostly because I’ve gotten into some new ones, but I always enjoy listening to the banter between the guys.  I sometimes listen to the interviews, but mostly I’m listening to the first half where they’re all just talking to each other.  So funny.

Sorta Awesome: I’ve only listened to a few episodes of this one, but it seems promising.  Four women share hosting responsibilities and it seems like different combinations are on each week.  They talk about their “awesome of the week” and then generally focus around a particular theme or idea.

I use the PocketCasts app to listen.  It’s $3.99, but I think it’s worth it if you listen to podcasts because it allows you to adjust the speed for listening.  I listen at about 1.6x speed and now when I listen at regular speed I wonder why everyone is talking so slowly.  If you want a free app, BeyondPod is a good option.

And not a podcast but a tv show, I’ve been really loving Suits lately.  I’m watching season one right now and I’m all in!

What podcasts do you listen to?  Do you have ideas for me?


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  1. Oh boy! So many podcasts so little time!!! So funny – I’m a TOTAL podcast junkie and I haven’t listened to any of the ones you listed! I like Shawn Stevenson’s Model Health Show, RISK, and Dishing Up Nutrition just to name a few. Can’t wait to check out one or two of your suggestions!

  2. One more thing – I just use the free Podcasts app from iTunes and I can also adjust my speed. Just for future reference…free is good!

  3. I don’t know that this is the exact same, but we have been devouring sermons from Paul Mowery at Harvest Fellowship Church (it’s in Leo!). He preaches straight through scripture, verse by verse. I listen to at least 1 day, when I nurse Idgie before the others are up. I try to get 1 more in there some other time during the day…but not always. I’m almost finished with Revelation and have loooved all that I’ve learned about original language, history, etc. So enlightening.

  4. Tami turned me on to “Gilmore Guys” and “Naptime Diaries.” I’ve been too absorbed in books lately to listen to podcasts, though. So no help … per the usual. I use Podcast Addict (for Android) and it looks like you can adjust the speed. I do that with audiobooks and voxer because, yo, get to the point 😉

  5. I met Jaime a few years ago in Haiti on one of her trips to visit her kids before they were allowed to come to the states. Small world.

  6. This is a great idea for a post! I’m getting into podcasts too! Jamie Ivey is one I try not to miss, but I might check out Surviving Sarah — thanks for the recommendations!

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