in sickness and in health

It’s been a looooong month over here.  Molly got a cold at the beginning of February.  Leo caught it, which led to an asthma attack that required steroids.  Molly’s eventually became an ear infection (which had been cooking for weeks – at her doctor appointment at the beginning of February they were a little pink, but not infected, and then a week or so later when she wasn’t sleeping they were still pink, but not infected, and then another week or so later one was, yes, very infected).  One round of antibiotics wasn’t enough so we had to do a second, stronger round of antibiotics which did, finally (or so it seems), kick the ear infection AND the congestion.  Oh, she also popped two teeth during all that, too.  Just as we were feeling relieved from all that, Leo caught a stomach bug and was up during the night puking.  Then two days later I caught it and was up puking, too.

So now we’re on the other side – or at least I hope we are.  Molly has a large scab on her nose from where it rubbed raw from so much suctioning and wiping.  The washing machine is running load after load of sheets and towels and laundry I got behind on while I was flat on the couch.  And I’m still a little bit worried that the stomach bug isn’t through and Dave or Katie or Molly (although she’s least likely, since she’s still nursing) will fall prey.  I hope not!

In that month though, Molly has gotten faster at crawling and has figured out stairs – she likes to climb the whole flight for fun (with Dave spotting her).  And my two toes – which I broke way back in mid-January – finally seem to be healing enough that I could start doing some exercise again.  That actually seems feasible, too, as Molly is sleeping better now that she’s not sick and those teeth have come in!


We also had a big snowstorm and got about a foot of snow.  We spent one morning enjoying some time outside with friends, sledding and building a snow fort, and also inside, eating pancakes and drinking hot cider.  It was a wonderful snow day!



2 thoughts on “in sickness and in health

  1. Nooooo! No family deserves to be sick for that long! And I saw you are still picking up meds on FB! Hope that is the LAST of it!

    What did you do to your toes?! OUCH!

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