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One of the things that saves me week to week is meal planning.  It’s helpful in terms of groceries (having things on hand but also no over-buying things I don’t need), but also because by the time 4 or 5pm hits the last thing I want to do is make a decision.  My meal plan takes the decision out of it – I just make what is already on the schedule.  Easy.  So here’s what we’re having the next few nights (if they have meat assume I’m subbing beans):

trashy tamales: this is a new one to try but I adore Kendra and I’m convinced she will never lead me astray in anything (also, her blog Lazy Genius is, well, genius).

oven baked falafels: again, new recipe to try

quinoa lentil tacos: new recipe from Aldi.  We love us some Aldi!

cauliflower mac and cheese: old standby that we love – for Dave’s birthday!

chickpeas and dumplings: this is one of my favorites, from the cookbook More Peas, Thank You.  I love this recipe – it’s the perfect comfort food.

Oh, and on Sunday we’re going to have pink waffles for Valentine’s Day.  I try to do a mix of old and new recipes, but I’m pretty sure every week we have some sort of Mexican dish.  It’s definitely our favorite!

What are you making this week?  Any recipes to share?




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