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Leo (4) and Kate (2)

I last posted about Molly at 6 (more like 7) months.  So here’s an update on our big kids, too!


Leo is 4.5 now.  He’s in that strange middle place between toddler and big kid, where you can have a great conversation with him one minute and trust him with a big job and the next minute he’s throwing a fit on the floor, kicking his heels.  He started the year in preschool but quickly moved up to preK when we realized that was a much better fit for him.  He’s loving it and so are we!  He really likes the different “centers” with role play, but also is learning how to write letters and brings home lots of fun crafts and worksheets.  He’s also learned some attitude and eye rolls at school (yay…).  His current favorite show is Octonauts and he wants to be an ambulance driver when he grows up.  He is a master builder and comes up with really impressive train track layouts, often utilizing stacks of book to create cool bridges and ramps.  He loves to read, do puzzles, play with trains and cars, collects any and all stuffed animals, loves to flip upside down on the couch, and ask tons of questions.  His favorite food is fish (so he says) – I think because one of his favorite games right now is “bear cave” where he’s a giant bear.  That being said, we are having fish tonight to help satisfy his cravings!

Katie is just over 2 and has been talking up a storm since Christmas (we credit her cousins, especially 3 year old Astrid, for prompting her to talk).  She’s saying new words and phrases every day.  She adores Leo and also knows best how to annoy and tease him.  We’re getting closer to being ready to potty train – she knows now when she’s gone to the bathroom, although I don’t know how aware she is before it happens yet.  Still – progress!  She loves cats, books, rainbows, music (she is singing the majority of the time), jumping, doing sommersaults, and doing whatever Leo is doing.  She’s fearless and busy and determined and a little bit sneaky.  She loves crackers and cheese and fruit and getting to play in Leo’s room while he’s at school.  She still takes a nap and sleeps a solid 12-13 hours every night and barely ever wakes up.  Her mantras right now are “and me!” and “I know I know!” and she loves standing on the stepladder in the kitchen so she can see what’s happening on the counters.

Both love Molly and are so sweet with her.  That being said, they’re competitive with each other, so it’s probably only a matter of time until Molly is part of that mix, too!

Favorite books: Richard Scarry for both of them, also Trains and Tractors lift the flap books for Katie, Busy Bear books

Favorite toys: plasma cars and play kitchen, Cutie the Beauty Bunny and Katie’s Brown Kitty (Leo) and Pink Kitty, baby stroller, and little suitcase (Katie)

Favorite “treats”: m&ms (Leo), marshmallows (Katie).  Non-food wise they both love getting to play a Kindle game with Dave.


4 thoughts on “Leo (4) and Kate (2)

  1. So cute and I think all of our guys are so similar!! I felt like you were describing my kiddos 😉 it should be interesting how the 3rd gets in the mix. I’m predicting years of trying to catch up and lots of running to catch up. We are all about the Octonauts here…creature report!!

  2. You are a busy momma – and a VERY good mom. You will be thankful you wrote these blogs so you can look back on these memories. Keep up the good work!

  3. I love seeing out kids similarities! Birth order wise, Mylin is so incentive, like Leo and Sully is such a little singer, too, like Katie! But age-wise, Olson is fascinated with lift-the-flap books. And we LOVE Richard Scarry!

    Loved your kiddos and you!

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