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We’re 6 weeks in to 3 kids, family of 5 (5!?! It’s my first time saying that.) and so far it’s going better than I expected. Not that I expected doom and gloom, but I thought things would be sticky, kids (especially Katie) having a hard time, sleep deprivation, the constant struggle of not having enough hands. And there’s some of that, to be sure, but for the most part it’s gone shockingly well.


Leo and Kate have become the best of friends. This is new, probably in the last 2 months, and is more due to Kate growing up than Molly arriving, I think. Seriously, the two play SO WELL. They have their moments of angst (generally marked by Kate’s teradactyl shriek), but more often than not they’re running together, laughing hysterically (both make the other laugh harder than Dave or I ever have), mimicking each other, and living it up. It makes me incredibly happy to see them as friends and to watch their relationship grow and strengthen right before me.


Leo turns 4 this month and is a master builder with train tracks, blocks, legos, etc. Seriously, the kid impresses me daily with his creativity and intricate structures. He loves stuffed animals and has a tendency to hoard all the things (my sister Jill, who I shared a room with growing up, will assure you that Leo got this trait from me). He is funny and bright and very curious (ALL THE QUESTIONS). He constantly worries that we will run out of something/there won’t be enough, and has a tendency to fuss when things aren’t right. He had his first bee sting this past weekend (bottom of the foot). His current loves are trains, especially steam engines, fruit snacks, any of Dave’s “special drinks”, and building anything.


Kate is finally talking this month!  Prior to this she only said mama, dada, and uhoh. Now she says knee, nose, boo boo, brother, crackers, yeah yeah, baa baa (sheep), and yeti. She is spirited and opinionated and if you thought Leo was busy, you haven’t seen Katie. She is go go go all day, with lots of ideas and a plan. She likes to organize and keep things tidy, is furious if you tell her no (she’ll either scream, throw a fit, or pinch you), is barely phased by injury, and thinks she can do everything Leo does. She walks off couches and laughs, wants to climb and walk on every ledge, and will spend long amounts of time sorting. She likes to dress up, thinks Leo is the funniest, loves trains and motorcycles, gives very aggressive but sweet hugs and kisses unprompted, and will melt your heart with her curls and mischievous smile. Also, she seems to have finally passed her stranger danger phase, partly due to growing up, partly thanks to my mom being here for two weeks before and after Molly’s birth.


Molly remains our mellow, happy, easy to please sweetheart, although I think I bragged too much about that at my 6 week postpartum check up because last night was not her finest (I’m writing this on my phone while holding her because apparently I’m not allowed to put her down).  She’s keeping me humble. In general Molly is sleeping a 7 hour stretch at night which is just THE BEST (also thanks to the noise machine and swaddle).  She’s starting to coo more frequently, tracks faces, loves the mirror on her playmat, gives beautiful crooked smiles, and poops like a boss (seriously her diapers both astound, horrify, and also make me strangely proud).


I can’t promise a return to blogging but I do hope to stop in here every so often, if only to chronicle the growth of the kids for our own keeping!


4 thoughts on “stopping by

  1. You have a gift with words! It is so great to read this all. You are so blessed by these sweet babes – enjoy this time!!!
    I love reading about their personalities and also how they are developing with ages v. birth order. So neat for you to chronicle all of this!

  2. Poops like a boss. LOL!

    I loved the update! Man! I don’t think I have seen many pics of Kate lately! She is GROWING up! I love hearing that hear and Leo are turning in to such great friends, and how they make each other laugh ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. This was such a sweet post! Love all the little tidbits – you’ll be glad it’s documented!

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