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2014 running review

January 1, 2014 I ran 2 miles – my first postpartum run after having Kate.  I ended the year at 15 weeks pregnant and 840 miles for the year.  I ran two half marathons: the Parlor City Trot in Bluffton Indiana (2:14, Kate in stroller) and the Haunted Hilly Half (1:58:48).  Parlor City Trot was my half marathon with Kate and she did really well for most of the race, aside from a few fussy spots where she was tired or wanted a snack.  I was not really trained for the 13 miles and hoped that all my miles pushing the double stroller would help me get across the finish line.  It worked… but was painful.  The Haunted Half was my attempt at going sub-2 for the first time since having kids and thanks to the help of Kimberly, I mostly achieved it.  I say “mostly” because the course was a little short, so technically I would have been just under 2:01 if it had been full length.  But the HILLS.  Yowza.  Kimberly had to drag my sorry 6 week pregnant butt over them (and she was 16 weeks pregnant at the time).  My highest mileage month was October, with 122 miles.  As of right now I’m still running.  I had a dip in November and December where I was tired and didn’t run as much, but now that I’m in the second trimester I’m finding my energy is back up, as well as my speed (for the most part).  I’m in the sweet spot right now where I don’t have first trimester fatigue or third trimester body bulk.  I’m loving it!

I don’t have tons of goals for 2015.  I’d like to run through pregnancy as much as possible and as my body is willing and able.  I’d like to come back running postpartum.  And I’d like to do a half marathon in the fall with Kimberly, as a postpartum comeback.  I’d love to do some stroller runs in the spring and late summer and fall, as it’s a great way to build strength and endurance and share running with the kids (as well as get them outside).

How was your 2014?  What goals do you have for 2015?


3 thoughts on “2014 running review

  1. Kim I’ve missed your blog and it’s great to hear what’s been going on……I’m so excited that you are having another baby – how great is that!

  2. Your blog was the reason I was inspired to run at all when I was pregnant! I am not a “runner” by any sense of the word, but I ran more miles pregnant last month than I have NOT pregnant in the past half decade!

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