Kate: 13 months

I was thinking yesterday there are some things I want to remember about Kate at this age but her baby book no longer has space for me to do monthly summaries.

Kate started walking just shy of 11 months so now at 13 months she is almost running (it’s kind of a powerwalk/jog thing).  She is really aware of what is going on around her and knows when we are talking about certain things.  For instance, if you say “snack” or “eat” or “milk” or “breakfast/lunch/dinner” she will expect food immediately.  If we’re upstairs, she’ll go right over to the gate at the top of the stairs and shake it to let us know she’s ready.  She also does this when she’s hungry.  It’s actually really convenient and helpful that she can communicate that way!  She loves to be chased and wrestled.  She’s adores Leo and wants whatever he has.  For the most part Kate just does her thing but when she wants something she really lets you know!  She can also be quite dramatic.  This past week she had to get a heel prick and shots at the doctor and it was a huge ordeal.  She was screaming and flailing during the heel prick and blood was everywhere.  Then during the shots she was crying so hard she was sweating and shaking.  She did the heaving-postcry breathing for about 15 minutes afterwards, too.  The nurse said she wasn’t sure she’s ever seen such a reaction out of a baby!  To her credit, once shots are over Kate calms down and rarely has a reaction (no fever or crankiness).  She’s a tough girl!

Kate never stops moving.  She doesn’t sit and play with toys.  If something is particularly interesting she might stand and play with it for about 3 seconds before she’s walking on to something else.  She’ll bring you stacks and stacks of books but not stick around for more than a page before she walks off again.  She loves to chew on things.  Thinking of Christmas ideas for her for family was hard because she doesn’t really “play” with anything!  She walks around and chews things!  She loves to take magnets off the fridge and to put toys on her head (or other’s heads) as hats.  She loves to get hats out of the bin of winter things and bring them to us to dress up.  She eats pretty well but when she’s done with a food she does “scissor hands” in front of her face to let you know she will not eat any more of that.  She knows what “no” means but generally laughs when we say it and thinks it’s a pretty funny joke.  If you actually tell her no emphatically and swat her hand lightly, she will be very offended and wail.

doctor on the move

drinking bathwater.  gross.
drinking bathwater. gross.
sleeping hard with pink kitty
sleeping hard with pink kitty

Nicknames: Katie, Katiegirl, Missy, Little Miss, Shortstack, Babycakes

Favorite foods: graham crackers, cheese, peas, noodles, fruit, yogurt and oatmeal (but only if sweetened), cheerios, raisins, roasted broccoli, eggs, toast

Foods she dislikes: beans, avocados, tofu

Dislikes: diaper changes and getting dressed (you’d think after a year this would be old hat but no), sitting still, getting nails trimmed (basically she walks around with talons because trying to cut her nails is akin to wrestling a very angry wildcat)

Likes: socks and shoes, playing dress up, magnets (she uses Leo’s magformers more than he does), saying “dadada” and “mamamamama”, playing with Leo, her pink kitty and pacifier, rattling balls, taking things off shelves/out of baskets

I would still describe Kate as opinionated and a little particular at times, but she’s predominantly very sweet, happy, and silly.  She’s busy busy busy but still a really good sleeper (she sleeps 12+ hours at night, 45 minute morning nap, and 1.5 hour afternoon nap).  It’s fun to see her and Leo chase each other and laugh together and we’re hopeful that they will grow up to be good friends!