hello out there?

Remember when I blogged?  Me, too.  Barely.  It’s been a loooong time (7 months…).  Basically I was tired, I didn’t feel like I had much to say, and when I had extra time I wanted to use it to zone out, not write.  I’m not saying this is a comeback.  But for the first time I felt like I wanted to write, so I’m going with that.  No promises it will become a regular “thing” again.

In case you forget what we look like…


This morning as I was getting ready I thought of a few things I/we do that have made life a little simpler, so I wanted to share them.  And I’m hoping you have some ideas you can share, too!

1) Get up before your kids.  Obviously losing some sleep kind of sucks, but once you’re used to the wake up time, it becomes much easier (also: turn on the light as soon as your alarm goes off and it’s much much easier to wake up).  That first cup of coffee by yourself?  GOLD.  And Dave and I have both found that we’re much more mentally and emotionally ready to hang with the kids when we’ve started the day with some time on our own.  Which leads to…

2) Trade off.  First, you might have to make some tradeoffs with your life.  For instance, we go to bed silly-early (about 8-9pm) because Leo is an early riser.  This means we might miss out on social things at night or we’re going to pay for it the next day because we stayed up late.  Second, we tradeoff with the kids.  Dave does breakfast with Leo so I can run in the mornings and takes the kids for half an hour before dinner so I can cook without kids hanging on me (literally Kate hanging on my jeans crying because she knows there is fooooood).

3) Put your shoes on when you get dressed.  This seems silly, but if you’re getting two kids ready to head out the door it’s so much easier if you don’t have to get your shoes on, too.  In the winter there is enough stuff to tie, pull on, zip up.

4) Pick recipes that are delicious but easy.  I want meals that come together in about 30 minutes.  If I have to do a little prep over naptime that’s okay, but I prefer it to just be done all at once, in half an hour.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

There’s also the crockpot, which I’ve sorely underused lately.

5) A quick clean is better than a no-clean.  So you’d love to sweeper the whole kitchen but only have time to use the handheld to get the really crumb-y spots.  You don’t have time to deep-clean the bathroom but you can quick-scrub the sink and toilet.  Go for it.  Anything is better than nothing!

What are some of your best ideas for making life a little simpler?  We need all the help we can get because…


Baby #3 is coming in late June!


13 thoughts on “hello out there?

  1. Look at you little miss bump!!!
    Great ‘comeback’ post 🙂
    Things I do to simplify (in addition to your GREAT points! Can’t wait to try out your quinoa recipe…)
    1. Kids have book time in the morning. They stay in bed in the dark until 7:45 (if they are awake) and then from 7:45-8:15 they look at books while I get the baby up, nurse him, and get him ready.
    2. Alone playtime for big kids while the baby naps. It keeps my sanity. Baby naps, and I do 30 minutes of school with the bigs. Then toddler in the big kids room, preschooler on a blanket in the living room. For about 30-45 minutes I will do some laundry/cleaning, then emails or my devos (if I didn’t get them done before they woke up).

    Can’t wait to see what else you post along the way with baby #3!!!

    1. Those are good ideas! I like the idea of quiet time for Leo/Kate when the new baby naps. Right now they both have the same afternoon nap and I will DEFINITELY fight to make sure all three are napping/quiet time at the same time still!

      On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 7:28 AM, GirlEvolving wrote: > >

  2. No way!!!! That’s awesome for #3! Good to hear from you again! I don’t have advice to help you stay organized because you are way ahead of the game on that one. 🙂 I’ve just learned to give myself grace knowing that my life won’t always have everything the way I would like it to go (clean house? what’s that?), but my kids will remember my attitude in life and pick up on that way more than they will appreciate my tidy house. So I try to keep myself enjoying the journey and if I get cranky, then I need to recheck what’s going on in life and readjust some things.

  3. First of all, congrats on #3! 🙂

    Second, welcome back to blog land.

    Third, I’m totally making those enchilada noodles sometime. YUM! The other recipes look great too, but I think those noodles are a safe bet to get my husband/daughter to try.

  4. Belly! Yay! I feel sad that I haven’t seen it in person yet.

    And so much on No. 4. I am so done trying to make fancy things because I have this idea that I should. Good ole tuna casserole is just fine. I use my slow cooker so much because it just makes life easier. I can get the meal prepped while Miles watches TV in the a.m. and we can eat the minute I walk in the door. Good, since Miles will go on a tirade if he has to wait 5 minutes to eat because he is SO hungry.

  5. Yay for the baby bump!!!!

    I don’t have any good hacks, but your list is awesome-o!

    And I couldn’t comment on the post about Kate (comments closed) but I wanted to say I love hearing about her personality. This sentence really made me laugh “She knows what “no” means but generally laughs when we say it and thinks it’s a pretty funny joke. ” And it’s funny she hates avocado! Wasn’t that one of Leo’s main foods?!

  6. Congratulations! How exciting! I’m all about getting up before the kids. It’s the only time I can reliably get work done during the day. I can’t believe how big Leo has gotten and Kate is a doll!

  7. Yay! Congrats! We think about trying for #3, but I get overwhelmed because of everything you listed above. 🙂 Good luck with this next transition!

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