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I love baby wearing for a few simple reasons: it’s really convenient and I love holding/smelling/touching my baby.  We have a few baby carrier options that we’ve rotated between.  We have a Baby Bjorn, a sling, and a Moby wrap.  Each of these have things we like and things we don’t: the Bjorn is super easy to get on, but for whatever reason neither Dave or I can get it adjusted to a position that doesn’t feel like it’s killing our back and neck (I actually had my leg fall asleep mid-walk once from it pinching me).  The sling is great when the baby is little but still places a lot of pressure on the shoulder/neck.  And the Moby wrap is probably the most supportive and least painful, but winding 3 yards of fabric around your body isn’t exactly convenient or easy to get on/off in public (let alone at home).

I’d heard rave reviews about the Ergo carrier from multiple sources, including my sister, but Dave and I didn’t really want to drop $100 on a new carrier when we already had a few.  At the same time, we loved the carrier option and really wanted one that would allow us to baby wear for long walks, afternoons at the park, etc.  It’s much more convenient to go on a walk with Leo and hang with him around the playground while wearing Kate than pushing her in the stroller.  Plus, she naps better.

Then I found it: an Ergo knock-off for less than half the price of an Ergo!  I ordered mine from Amazon and while it shipped directly from China, it only took ten days to reach our house.


I wore it for the first time yesterday and was stunned at the difference.  I wore Kate for over an hour and my back or neck never hurt and I never had to move the carrier around to get a different position or make it feel better.  It was so comfortable.  I’m really excited to use this carrier more and to try the different positions (you can wear the baby in the front, back, or hip positions)!

(We’ll be donating our spare carriers to a women’s shelter or pregnancy center.  I think they’re good carriers when you just want to wear the baby for a short amount of time.  Since we were wanting to wear Kate for much longer, they just weren’t working for us.)


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  1. I love our Ergo! I got a deal on mine through Zullily when I was pregnant with Anderson. They are so much more comfortable than the other carriers for both myself and Anderson.

  2. Whoo hoo! We love our Ergo too and also got it from Zulily when it was on sale. We love it for a lot of reasons – the main ones being it is easy to switch the adjustment b/t when Joel and I wear it. And we LOVE when baby is big enough to wear them on back – Sully went from fussy in it to SOO content being able to look out and about better!
    We also love our SnuggyBaby (like the Moby) and I prefer that for when baby is smaller – so we’ll keep ours around too…but glad to have great options!

    So excited that you love it so much! Yay!

  3. That’s awesome!! I snagged my ergo off a fb site for moms for only $25! I washed it up and it was good as new. Love it!

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