catching up

Things going on lately:

– Dave and I recently found out about an organic food distributor from our friend.  It’s kind of like a CSA, but you go online and pick what you want in your box, and then you go to a certain location on Tuesday mornings and pick it up.  You don’t have to order every week or order certain items, but you do have to order at least $30 worth.  They have a great selection of veggies and fruits, too.  For our first order we’ll be receiving:

  • cauliflower
  • onions
  • leeks
  • romaine
  • spinach
  • bell peppers
  • grape tomatoes
  • pink lady apples
  • strawberries
  • pears

The prices are, of course, a little more expensive because it’s organic, but were really modest compared to prices I’ve seen at Kroger or the co-op.  I don’t think we’ll do this every week, but I’m guessing probably once or twice a month, as needed and depending on prices of items.  It’ll be fun to try!

– Kate had her 4 month appointment last Monday.  She’s 12lbs. 6oz. and 24.5″ long.  She’s about average for height and small for weight, but not disturbingly so.  Still, because Leo was so small we will carefully watch to make sure she’s gaining consistently and doesn’t fall off the growth chart like her brother!  I’m also not pushing her to drop nighttime feedings yet (even though I would love the sleep) to make sure she’s getting enough milk.  Yesterday she discovered she can stick out her tongue, so her general mode right now is either with her tongue sticking out (and a silly grin) or her entire fist in her mouth.!

– Dave and I try to find ways to keep Leo involved with chores, partly to teach him to help out but also because he really loves “jobs.”  Right now he helps dust (really just follows Dave around with a rag) and he likes to help me unload the dishwasher – I give him containers, measuring spoons, spatulas, etc.  Recently we added in sweepering – he uses the small hand vac after meals to help clean up under his chair.  He also helps put away laundry (carries it to his room) and put dirty laundry in the washing machine.  And, of course, he is responsible for cleaning up his toys, which honestly can easily kill 45 minutes of the day because he is so slow to clean up.  Turns out the toys he got out and then had no interest in are suddenly very fun and interesting when it’s time to clean up.

-Good luck to Kimberly this weekend at the Nutri-Run 20k in Fort Wayne.  Originally I was going to be running this race with her, but then my knees hurt.  Then I was going to drop to the 10k but then I got the stomach bug that wouldn’t quit.  I’ve run 4 times in the month of March, so instead of running I’m going to get fro-yo with Kimberly post-race.  Win!

What’s going on with you lately?


One thought on “catching up

  1. Aww, too sweet. I am thinking the just fro-yo is a better idea. Alas, dumb half training.

    I am hoping to grow lots this summer – zucchini, squash, delicata squash, cucumbers, tomatoes. If I have an abundance, I’ll let you know. I charge in cuddles and baby kisses.

    Also, I always get good parenting ideas from you. I need to enlist Miles more with chores. He helped me wash walls the other week (no joke), and he was all about it. So much so that he washed the TV, which did not make another member of the family too happy.

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