Dirty Girl Mud Run


I’ve added another race to my calendar and it’s different from any other race I’ve ever done.  I’m going to be an ambassador for the Dirty Girl Mud Run!  Dirty Girl Mud Run is the largest women-only 5K mud and obstacle series in the country.  But unlike other mud runs, Dirty Girl Mud Run is all about empowering women and having fun All obstacles (10-12 in each race!) are optional and all fitness levels are invited to participate.  I love this – that it’s about hanging out with friends, getting dirty, and having fun and not about competition.  If you’re going to be climbing in mud it should be just for laughs!  Basically Dirty Girl just wants women to have fun together and do something unexpected.  I’m especially excited because I’ll get to do the race with Kimberly!  (Bonus: Dirty Girl also has a philanthropic side and supports Bright Pink, which works to educate women on breast and ovarian cancer.)

Dirty Girl has races all over the country, so find the one nearest you and check it out.  Kimberly and I will be slinging mud at the Indianapolis location in May.  Want to sign up for a race?  Use the code BLOGFRIEND and get $10 off your registration at any Dirty Girl Mud Run location!  Let’s get muddy!