kate: 4 months

When I went to title this post I actually wrote months instead of 4.  Nope!  Our baby girl is growing so fast!


Kate likes: her bouncer and exer-saucer, watching Leo, eye contact and attention, mirrors, shoving hands/shirts/shoulders into her mouth, getting vaseline rubbed on her cheeks, diaper changes, walks outside.

Kate dislikes: laying on her back, the bumbo seat for more than 5 minutes, baths (although she tolerates them now instead of wailing), being alone.

Eat/sleep schedule: Right now Kate eats every 3 hours during the day (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6:30pm), with about 4oz. at each feeding (or that’s what she takes when I’m in the office).  She’s up around 12:30am and 4:30am to eat, although I’m still trying to get her to stretch to just one feeding.  She’s been falling asleep lately during night feedings, which makes me think she’s not really hungry.  During the day she naps for 1.5-2 hours in between each feeding.  This week we’re going back to the swaddle (haven’t used it since she was… 1 month?) to see if that could change anything.  Yesterday Kate took a full nap – no wake-ups! – for the first time since she was just a handful of weeks old.  Seriously.  It was the first back-to-the-swaddle sleep, so I was pretty stoked.  The rest of her naps she still woke up, but getting her back to sleep was easier, so I’m feeling hopeful about the swaddle.  Time will tell.  If it works, all my blog posts from here on out will be singing the praises of the swaddle.

Skillz: Kate can roll belly to back really easily.  She can get from back to side, but not quite over to belly yet.  She loves to laugh, especially when watching Leo jump.  We feel like Kate is really strong – she has amazing neck/chest strength and can hold her head and neck very steady.  She also holds herself upright to sit.  She can’t balance on her own but she doesn’t fold right over – she sits straight up with good posture.  She’s great at pulling toys to her mouth and also really good at pulling the pacifier out (although not so great at getting it back in).

Personality: I think it’s hard to tell personality this young, but we can see glimpses of who Kate might be.  She’s very social and chatty and loves to have attention on her.  After her last feeding at night I always expect her to be sleepy and want to go to bed, but 90% of the time she spends about 20 minutes grinning at me and talk talk talking!  While Kate definitely still has her opinions and a bit of a flair for the dramatics, she’s overall super happy and sweet.  As long as she’s sitting/standing, has people around to watch and who are making eye contact with her sometimes, she’s pretty good to go.  She has tons of huge smiles to share, all the time.  It’s so rewarding and wonderful!


Nicknames: Short Stack, Sis-Kate (Leo’s invention), Baby Girl/Sweet Girl, Little Miss.

Adjusting: Overall, I think we’re through any adjustment period.  Leo, for his part, did amazing and never really stuttered.  Dave and I have had to adjust more with sleep and less time, but I think we’ve gotten the hang of it.  We tend to tag-team the kids as we need to – each take one or if one is needing a break, the other fields both.  Some days we definitely feel like we’re ships passing in the night, but I’m so glad we get to share the sea together.  And then there are other days – like Sunday – where we unexpectedly got quite a few good pockets of time together to just hang out and actually talk without Leo climbing over us or Kate crying.  It was awesome!  Mosie hasn’t really acknowledged Kate, but that’s to be expected!

Happy 1/3 birthday, Kate girl!  We love you!


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  1. I love how encouraging and flexible you guys are! We had friends tell us, “If there’s a time when we’re going to have to be roommates, I’m going to be the BEST roommate I can be!”
    I see that in you guys 🙂 LOVE!

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