Two posts in a row?!?!  Things are getting crazy.

Truthfully, I’m home sick today, so I have a little extra time on my hands.  Dave came down with a gross stomach bug over the weekend and last night it came hunting for me.  Thankfully, I seemed to have gotten a lesser version.  The night and the morning were rough but I’m already feeling better and looking forward to a walk outside in the sun later today with the family.

A couple updates:

  • I took ten days off running or pretty much any activity after my knees unexpectedly started hurting.  Thankfully, the rest time seems to have done the trick.  I’ve been slowly adding easy runs back in without any problems.  This weekend I ran 2 miles Friday, 3 miles Saturday, and 2 miles Sunday (all at easy paces) and felt great.  I’m really happy about that!  Originally I was supposed to do a 20k at the end of March but I think I’ll be doing the 10k instead.  And soon I’ll be able to run OUTSIDE!   (Technically I could run outside now but I don’t have winter running gear and I don’t love running in the dark alone.)
  • I’m back to work now, which is a big reason why I’ve been so scarce on the blog.  It’s gone well – better than expected, really – but it’s busy and makes for very full days.  I was pretty bummed about going back to work and feeling overwhelmed by it – in my mind I just couldn’t see how I would be able to keep up with everything.  And yes, it’s busy and yes, some days I’m really tired or stressed, but mostly it’s working and we’re finding good routines and rhythms to work for us.
  • Leo got rain boots, or “puddle boots” as we call them.  He’d been wearing his winter boots out for walks and they were getting so soaked (he LOVES to play in puddles) that they weren’t drying out in between walks AND they got a really funky smell to them.  So we bought a pair of basic rubber rain boots at Walmart.  They’re adorable on him and he loves them.  No word yet if I’m able to de-funk his winter boots or not.
on a walk to grandma’s house in cool boots, sunglasses, and backpack
  • After a long hiatus from reading, I’m back at it!  After Kate came I watched a lot of tv shows on Amazon Prime and an xfinity app.  When I had downtime I just wanted total mindlessness!  But recently I’ve picked up a few good books.  I read The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd (author of Secret Life of Bees) and it’s SO crazy good.  Way better than Bees, I think.  I highly, highly recommend.  What book recommendations do you have for me?

What’s been new with you?


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  1. Aww, so happy to hear that the rest helped your knee feel better! And I hope the rest today makes that stomach bug go away!

    PUDDLES ARE THE BEST! Yes. When you have rain boots. I bet if anyone can find a way to de-funk-ify the winter boots, it’s you!

    I hope you continue to get back in the working groove!

  2. Maybe you have read all of these but I really enjoyed them!
    The Book Thief
    Beautiful Ruins
    The Light Between Oceans
    The Husband’s Secret

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