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bits and pieces

  • This website (thanks for the idea, Jill) has been a lot of fun for Leo.  This morning Leo and I got to watch polar bears jumping in and out of the water!  http://kids.sandiegozoo.org/
  • We spread a plastic covered picnic blanket down on the family room floor, gave Leo a plate and some play-doh, and he happily drove his cars in the “mud” while I worked.  This was Dave’s brilliant idea!


  • We got out the bouncer chair for Kate.  I have a hard time believing she’s old enough for this, but she is very happy to sit up and look around, much moreso than her playmat.
  • My knees are still bothering me, which is sad and frustrating.  I miss running…and moving.

What’s new with you?


2 thoughts on “bits and pieces

  1. Man! That is crazy to think that she is old enough for the bouncer!

    I am bummed your knees are still bugging you 😦

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