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Today I head back to work after a glorious 3 months of maternity leave.  I am SO grateful for all the time off I got to be at home with Leo and Kate!  In anticipation of a much busier new schedule, I went crazy on the house yesterday.  With Dave’s help fielding the kids (he took Leo for the morning to the McDonalds playplace and then did all our grocery shopping), I managed to bang out 5 loads of laundry (would not have been so many but Leo wet through during nap and then Kate had a blowout), prepped dinner for today while I’m gone, made a salad for the week for us, made muffins with Leo, sweepered, cleaned both bathrooms, steam mopped the kitchen and bathrooms, changed the sheets on our bed, and made kombucha.  It felt awesome to get it all done and I’m going in to the week feeling much more relaxed.  Even if all I get done is laundry, at least the house is in decent shape!

I’m adjusting my work schedule a little bit so I can be home in time to do Kate’s last feeding and see Leo before bed.  I’ll leave by 5:30am, work 7am-4pm, then be home by 5:45pm.  A long day, but I’m really glad I’ll get to see everyone before bed!

Here’s our meal plan for the week.  We’re leaving Saturday morning to visit friends, so we don’t have too many meals planned and will eat leftovers in between, too.

We also like to have lunch salads to grab.

Wish me luck back in the office.  I’ll be thinking of my three favorite faces at home!


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