trip win, trip fail

Win: An excuse to get out of the house: Leo desperately needed new socks that didn’t have his little toes poking through holes.  Here we come, Target!

Fail: I picked Thursday, the day of unending torrential downpour (except at 12pm when all the kids were sleeping… then it totally stopped raining.  Awesome.)


Win: It was in the 50s on Thursday!  We don’t have to bundle up like crazy!

Fail: It was 36 degrees at 9am and felt like 27 degrees… a fact I didn’t realize until we were getting in the car.  Hi, I’m the mom taking my kids out in the pouring rain and we’re all under-dressed in light coats and no hats.

Win: We had an umbrella in the car!

Fail: It was travel-size and basically useless between its smallness and the wind.

Win: It did an okay job keeping Kate dry.

Win: A fun picture of the 3 of us (check Kate in her mirror!) in the car in the parking lot before we made the run in!


WIN: Prior to the trip Kate was nap boycotting, Leo was bored, and I was climbing out of my skin.  The trip took care of an errand, blitzed boredom (seriously, check out how jazzed Leo is to go get socks!), killed morning hours, and got Kate to sleep!


One thought on “trip win, trip fail

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post 🙂 These are so fun to have the comparisons and funny parts of your experience 🙂
    I LOVE the picture – such a good one of you three!
    And yay for the outcome 🙂 I can so relate to needing a morning to just pass by some days…some times those mornings help mama to focus and play and love and enjoy her time at home all the other mornings!

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