Kate: 3 months


Personality: Kate continues to be super-smiley and happy.  She’s still a little opinionated and dramatic, but it’s definitely toned down and more manageable.  She’s pretty predictable schedule-wise.  She also wants to see the world and be held facing out or up on your shoulder.  She rarely puts her head down to snuggle and often holds herself upright, her little head peeking all around.

Schedule: Wake up at 7am and eat every 3 hours (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm).  Nurse and go down for the night at 6pm.  Up generally around 11pm or 12am and then again around 4am.

Naps: Kate definitely struggles a bit with naps.  She wakes up after 45 or so minutes (one sleep cycle) smiley and ready to go.  We’ve tried different things but right now the easiest thing is to just get her up, let her hang out a bit, and then put her back down when she gets tired again (generally 20 or so minutes later).  Sometimes I can get her down faster if I walk her on the treadmill a bit.  Basically she hasn’t figured out how to transition sleep cycles during the day without waking up, but from what I’ve read online and talking to other moms, she’ll grow out of it around 4 or 5 months probably.

Likes: lots of attention, being held, sucking on her fingers, her playmat, watching Leo (she has serious adoring eyes and smiles for him!)


Dislikes: her bouncer seat (unfortunate), being left alone for too long, being held on her back, the carseat (until she’s in the car), dirty diapers, cold air (sorry you were born in a polar vortex, little one).

Nicknames: Baby Goil (how Leo pronounces “girl”), Short Stack.

New skills: Laughing!  About two weeks ago I thought I heard Kate laugh but I was alone and could not get her to reproduce it (of course).  This past weekend she laughed watching Leo jump around and since then we’ve gotten her to laugh a few more times.  Can’t wait til it’s more regular!  She also is so close to rolling over from belly to back – she can get to her side but hasn’t figured out how to fully finish the flop.

 We can hardly believe it’s been three months already.  We are so grateful for the way Kate has added and changed our family.  Every day she brings us joy and softens our hearts (and okay, makes us tired, too).  Such a sweet girl!


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