Dave’s birthday

On Wednesday Dave turned 32!  We kept our celebration pretty low-key, but Leo and I did manage to pull together a few fun things for Dave (mainly food).

First, a birthday banner made out of paper plates (inspired by Shannan).  I drew on the letters and Leo colored them with markers.  It was a fun project and something we can keep and reuse!


Next, lots of food for the birthday boy!  We started Dave’s birthday week off with lasagna, one of his favorites.  Then for his actual birthday Leo and I made a bunch of Dave’s favorite foods – cheese crackers, cauliflower mac and cheese, baked oatmeal, and pb chocolate oatmeal bars.

Leo also colored Dave a picture and we compiled a list of things Leo loves about Pa.  Leo contributed some entirely on his own and some items with my prompting.


Leo definitely understands birthdays a bit more now, so he was pretty excited to celebrate (might have something to do with special birthday treats…).  He’s in luck, because February is a crazy birthday month for us.  Between my family and Dave’s family we have the following February birthdays:

  • Dave
  • 3 nieces
  • 3 sisters
  • 1 brother
  • 1 mom

In fact, we have an intense birthday week, with a birthday on the 9th (my sister), the 10th (my brother), the 11th (a niece), the 12th (Dave), and the 14th (Dave’s sister)!

Do you have one month that is birthday-crazy for you?


One thought on “Dave’s birthday

  1. Aww! I love the paper plate banner! That is such a great idea. Happy Belated, Dave!

    Wow! February is CRAZY! That is what October is like for us. We only have about 6 birthdays that month, though!

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