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a day in the life

I thought it would be fun to do a quick day in the life post of our family.  I go back to work in about a week and a half, so this will all change then, but the bones of the day will likely remain the same.


Here’s what a typical day mostly looks like:

5:am: I run on the treadmill.  Most days I’m running for 25-35 minutes.  Leo’s light automatically turns on at 5am and he’s allowed to get out of bed then and play.  At 5:30 Dave gets back from his run (crazy man has been running outside this whole winter in snow and subzero temps!) and gets Leo up, dressed, and they go downstairs for boys’ breakfast together.

5:30am-7am: I get off the treadmill and jump right in the shower.  Then I run downstairs and grab some fast breakfast.  Lately I’ve been digging cereal and homemade granola with almond milk, but sometimes steel cut oats or cornbread and eggs.  I also try to unload the dishwasher from the night before (Leo often helps) and often sit and play trains or cars with Leo for a bit before Kate stirs.

7am: Kate wakes up.  Sometimes it’s a little before 7, sometimes a little after, but this is about the time she’s up for the day.  Leo always wants to see her in the morning and then we listen to a kids’ music CD while I feed her.  She’s taking about 20 minutes to eat now, sometimes a little more.  Afterwards  I lay her on the bed and Leo typically crawls around, wanting to say hello and love on her.  Then I carry her (either in a sling or in my arms) and we make the bed, open curtains, sit and play trains with Leo, etc.

8:15am: I put on a show for Leo and sit and pump.  I’ve learned my lesson and put a show on for him so he’s occupied, because there might not be anything worse than an overactive toddler climbing all over you while you’re hooked up (and hands occupied) to a breastpump.  Seriously.  I try to pump for 15 minutes and it generally ends either with Kate crying on her playmat or starting to fall asleep there.

8:30am: Kate goes down for a nap.  She goes down pretty easily now and looooves to have her bum patted!  Sometimes she’ll go down as early as 8, if she was up before 7 or just is having a sleepy day.  If we’re headed out for the morning I try to time it with her nap, so we might leave about this time for the store or a playdate, etc.  If we’re staying home I play with Leo, start laundry, maybe sweeper or clean a bathroom.

9am: Kate tends to wake up midway through her naps, about an hour before she should really be up.  We’ve been working with her to cut this out and it’s getting better, although she typically still cries for 10 or so minutes before settling down again.  I go in every couple of minutes and pat her bum or give her the pacifier.

10am: Kate is up and feeds.  Afterwards we play with Leo a bit.  At 10:45 I have him start cleaning up his toys.

11am: Lunch.  Leo’s favorite right now is hummus – he eats it straight up with a spoon.  He’s also digging carrots and bell peppers, as well as his old favorites of cheese, hardboiled eggs, and noodles.  I grab lunch, too.

11:30am: Kate goes down for a nap.

11:45am: Get Leo ready for his nap and put him down.  He generally talks/plays in his bed for up to 30 minutes before falling asleep.  Although sometimes he doesn’t sleep at all and talks/plays in his bed for the entire two hours.

12pm: Kate wakes up, fights.  If she doesn’t fight too long I’ll get some downtime to chill or to prep dinner or walk on the treadmill.

1pm: Kate is up and feeds.

2pm: Leo’s clock turns green and he’s allowed to get out of bed and play (if he’s woken up already or if he never went to sleep).

2:15pm: I pump.  Afterwards I put the milk in the freezer and then get Leo up if he’s awake.  Once I start work I will probably drop this pumping since I have a decent stash built up and pumping feels like it takes a lot of time (even though it’s only 15 minutes).

2:30pm: If Dave is working at home, he’ll take Leo for the rest of the afternoon so he can get time with him and also to give me a break.  They often go to the Train Museum, the library, the store, etc.  If Dave is working outside the house, Leo and I play or do a project, like baking or making dinner.  He loves to help in the kitchen – dumping ingredients, mixing.  His imagination is really starting to take off and he’ll sometimes play for a good hour or so on his own in a pretend game – often pulling couch cushions on the floor and making a “jungle” and using an afghan as a waterfall.  It’s really fun to listen in on and to see!  It’s also really helpful that he’s able to play on his own for an extended time (he used to be really good at this but then went through a period of time where he really wanted us to play with him all the time).

3pm: Kate wakes up and fights.

4pm: Kate is up and feeds.

5pm: Dinner!  Kate sits in the bouncy chair on the dining room table.  Generally she starts getting antsy about halfway through our meal and Dave or I sit her on our lap while we eat.  After dinner Dave takes Kate while I clean up the kitchen.  He and Leo go around the house closing curtains, picking up toys, getting Leo’s bath ready.  I enjoy the time to really focus on a task without either kid.  Even though it’s washing dishes and wiping down counters and putting away leftovers it seriously is one of my favorite parts of the day!

5:45pm: Kate goes down for a short nap.  She generally only sleeps about 20 minutes or so and then wakes up to feed.  If I try to feed her before this nap she’s an overtired mess and it doesn’t work.

6:10pm(ish): Kate wakes up.  I change her diaper in the dark and get her ready for bed (generally a onesie and a fleecey sleep sack).  Then I nurse her in the dark and try to get her to feed for longer than normal.  She falls asleep during this feeding, which is totally fine by me.  She’s generally down shortly before 7pm and then I jump in the bathroom to get ready for bed.

7pm: Dave and I go to bed.  Yes.  We go to bed crazy crazy early, we know!

The nighttime is a bit of a gamble, as Kate hasn’t been sleeping as well as she used to.  Right now she often wakes up around 9pm and I go in and put her pacifier in and then go back to bed.  At 11pm she’ll wake up again and I feed her.  Then she often wakes up again around 1:30 or 2 and I do the pacifier again.  Then up at 3:30 or 4 to nurse.  Generally if she wakes up at 3:30am or after I’ll stay up for the morning.  I’m really hoping that she starts to stretch out at night again and obviously we might have to do some letting her cry if the pacifier thing continues, too.

3am: Dave gets up for the day.

4:45am: Dave leaves for his run.

5am: Leo’s light turns on, I start running on the treadmill, and the day begins again!


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  1. This makes me tired. No wonder you go to bed at 7 p.m.! You guys are awesome, though. Maybe I’ll be you when I grow up.

  2. Wow. Reading your schedule is so interesting. Reading that Dave gets up for the day at 3. YUCK! No wonder 7 is bedtime.

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