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january runs

January was my first month back running.  I did my first postpartum run on January 1 and logged 59 miles for the month.  I’ve been doing 3 miles most days, sometimes 2 if I’m really crunched for time or tired, and just once managed to get in 4 miles before duty called!  I’m hoping to log more miles in February, maybe a couple more 4 milers or even 5 miles if the stars align.  Realistically most days I’ll still hang at 3, but I’ve been trying to challenge myself with speed and yesterday did 3 miles in 24:24, which is really fast for me (it helps to use the treadmill)!

This week in meals:

  • Monday: mexican lasagna – I did mine with corn tortillas in a 9×13 casserole dish.  We loved this meal!
  • Tuesday: zucchini, peppers, and green beans stir fry with rice noodles
  • Wednesday: leftovers
  • Thursday: chickpea crockpot soup
  • Friday: lasagna rolls with tofu
  • Saturday: split pea quinoa crockpot soup
  • snacks: steel cut oatmeal muffins – we love these!  Two would be great for a  breakfast on the go, although we like just one for a snack.  You could pack them full of nuts and seeds and dry fruit… although we love them with just chocolate chips.  We’ll definitely be making another batch to keep on hand!

What have you been making lately?





3 thoughts on “january runs

  1. Who are you? Treadmill or not, 24:24 for 3 miles is CRAZY. Please send me some speed. And I’ll be over for dinner … when the snow is gone.

  2. Dang! 24:24 is crazy fast! for your first month back and a bebe in the house, I’d say you blew January out of the water.

  3. Wow, 24:24 is super fast!! I’m impressed!! I’m several weeks into training for my early-April half marathon, and I’m running 3.5-4 miles several days per week with my long run on the weekends. So far the longest I’ve done is 6.5 miles. I love how running gets easier and feels better as time goes on. Those first runs postpartum were NOT FUN 🙂 Way to go, girl, you are doing so amazing (especially with TWO KIDS!) I’m super impressed how much and how fast you are running.

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