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2014 race schedule

So now that I’m back to running, I’ve got a bit of a race plan for 2014.  This is subject to change, of course, but here’s where I’m at now:

  • March 29: Nutri Run 20K in Fort Wayne with Kimberly
  • April 27: Crossroads Half Marathon in Lowell, Indiana with Dave, courtesy of a GroupOn deal (still available!)
  • June 7: Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon (tentative) with friends
  • September 14: Presque Isle Marathon in Erie, PA (maybe with my sister again?)

Through the summer I’ll do the trail run 5ks as much as possible.  I might also add in a few other races if I find them, they work, and they’re cheap.  It would be fun to do another fall marathon in early October, when I’m already trained up, but we’ll see how things work out.

Right now I’m only registered for the Crossroads Half, but the Nutri Run registration isn’t open yet and I’m holding off on pulling the trigger on Presque Isle… for now.  I really love that race so if I hear it’s starting to fill up, I’ll be sure to register to save my place.

What does your race schedule look like for this year?


4 thoughts on “2014 race schedule

  1. Good luck with your schedule. You will definitely do more than what you have planned.
    My schedule is simple- I intend to run at least one marathon every month. I ran Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (42K) in Jan. In February, I’ll be running my first desert marathon in Rann of Kutch (India). March is even more exciting! I’ll be running 21K on a Buddh Circuit which is Formula 1 racing track in India.

  2. My race schedule is pathetically empty right now. I’m running the Groundhog Moonlight 1/6th Marathon Saturday night and I’m registered for the 5/3 River Bank Run relay (I’m running the 2nd and 3rd legs for about 9 miles). That’s it. Plus a virtual 10k. I want to run the Detroit full this fall but I need to get healthier before I register.

  3. Yay! Awesome schedule! I did my first 20K last year and it was fun! Well, it was through mud and calf high water. I hope yours is drier. And it’ll be a blast with Kim!

    I am trying not to sign up for much, but I am signed up for my usual local 5K here in February, and the Wisconsin Half and I am trying two new to me races this year – the Dallas half (this Sunday) and the Soldier Field 10 Miler!

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