the ins and outs of Kate

Babies are complicated.  Just when you think you’ve figured something out, it generally changes.  Things that were tried and true for one baby might not work (at all) for the next.  The first couple months are trial and error, learning each other, finding new routines and schedules.  Here’s a bit about what we’ve learned/are learning about Kate:

  • Like a lot of babies, including Leo, Kate sleeps best at night when she is swaddled.  However, during the day she naps best unswaddled.  If she’s napping swaddled and wakes up, she gets really angry that her arms are bound and it takes her awhile to fall back asleep (and generally I have to do a lot of holding and bouncing and cajoling).  If she’s unswaddled and wakes up, she’s awake but not angry, and I can give her the pacifier and leave and she’ll go back to sleep on her own, without me having to do tricks.


  • Kate does not want to be held on her back.  She wants to be sitting up, facing out, or up on your shoulder.  But if you’re putting her to sleep, then she wants to be held down, turned on her side facing you.
  • Kate likes the pacifier for her naps, but doesn’t want it at night.  If you give it to her at night she’ll wake up and get mad.  Don’t do it.
  • We’re starting to hit a consistent schedule probably 4 or 5 days out of the week.  The other days we’re generally an hour ahead or behind the “normal” schedule because of a weird night.  Kate wakes up at 7am.  She feeds at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and then somewhere between 5:30 or 6pm wants to nurse for longer to go down for the night.  She’s up around 11:30pm or midnight, then 3 or 4am.  In between daytime feedings she naps for about an hour and half.
  • Kate loves people.  She gets sad and fussy if she can’t see someone and definitely likes to know she’s not alone in the room.  If she’s fussing I can just go stand in her line of sight and that will often calm her down (unless she’s tired in which case she’ll need to be held).  I’ve also found turning on NPR will sometimes help – just the sound of people talking.
  • She’s starting to love her playmat but is only 50/50 on her bouncer seat.  And while she can hold her head up well the Bumbo chair is still a little uncomfortable for her.  I can tell she’ll love this chair when she fits it better, though.  She’ll be able to see all the action!


Once we hit 2 months it felt like Kate really started to grow up.  She’s less fussy, she’s entertained by toys and objects and people, she’s settling in to a schedule.  It’s so fun seeing her grow!


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