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house favorites

  • Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha.  I love running to this song!  I’ve worked up to 3 miles most days.  I’d like to run 4 or 5 once a week, but so far it’s hard to find the extra time for the extra mileage!
  • These cheese crackers.  We made them on Saturday and all loved them!  The first batch I used tiny animal shape cookie cutters and let Leo cut them out, but next time I’ll probably just slice them like the recipe suggested.  The animal shapes were fun but a little bit of a pain.  Unless I know I have a free hour where Kate is definitely going to keep sleeping, I would go the easy, fast route.
  • Nap boycotting.  The last three days Leo hasn’t napped, but happily chatted, sang, and played in his bed for two hours.  Yesterday he was throwing birthday parties for his stuffed animals, since I could hear him singing “happy birthday” and crying “it’s a birthday party!”  While I’m glad he hasn’t just sat in there and cried, for the love, take a nap, kid.
  • Star Trek.  Dave is revisiting his middle school after-school days and rewatching Star Trek.  He’s in Trekkie heaven.
  • Chocolate chip motivation.  Leo has started to use the toilet!  It’s definitely not all the time, but especially before and after baths.  He’s really motivated by a single chocolate chip.  While I don’t think he’s ready for full-time potty-training, it’s encouraging that he’s making progress and starting to show interest in going, even if it’s just for chocolate.

And just for random: me at 2 months and Kate at 2 months.

doublechin much?
check out those chins!



3 thoughts on “house favorites

  1. I’m glad he’s a happy non-napper and not a hot mes not-napper. But, seriously, SLEEP. You cannot get me up early, take forever to go down and not nap. You can’t.

    And thank you for sharing your picture and Kate’s. Made my day. For reals.

  2. I am in love with her sleeper!
    The no-naps. Flashbacks to the hell I lived in when Sullivan was born.
    Also, Mylin is currently singing and not napping – how can they survive without one while we cannot!?
    I do not understand…

  3. A SINGLE CHOCOLATE CHIP?! Just one?! That is amazing. LOL.

    Is Dave watching Next Gen? We watched the entire series one year… I had never seen it. Steven loves Star Trek. (Hence, Data the cat)

    You two are so cute 🙂

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