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Kate: 2 months


Our sweet girl is 2 months old (well, I’m 2 days early)!

We’re not on a set schedule yet, but we’re getting close to one.  With Leo I tried to get him on a set schedule right away, but I’ve been more laid back with Kate and allowed her to kind of settle in to her own pattern.  Most mornings she wakes up around 7:30 or 8am and feeds every 3 (sometimes 2.5) hours throughout the day.  She naps about an hour and a half in between – sometimes more, sometimes less.  She tends to want to feed to go down for the night around 5:30 or 6pm.  At night she sleeps 4-5 hours for the first stretch, then 3-4 hours after that.  She’s a dream sleeper at night – feeds and goes right back down.  Our roughest night has really only been a hiccup compared to some of the rougher nights we had with Leo.

Around 7 weeks Kate really started to mellow out and ease out of her rage-baby tendencies.  We are so grateful.  Most days she doesn’t rage at all.  Sure, she’ll cry or get upset, but it’s not like the intense screaming she did before, where she’d turn red, stand up on you, beat her fists, and get a sweaty head.  She likes to be bounced but I’m not having to do the sharp squats like I was before.  And lately I haven’t had to stand and squat to get her to latch on either.  Hooray!  She’s really settling in, which is so sweet to see.

We’re getting tons of smiles now, which we love.  It’s really pretty easy to coax a smile from her.  Kate talks a little, but you can tell she really wants to let loose with sounds!  She makes such faces and moves her mouth all around and then only one tiny coo will find its way out.  We can’t wait to hear all she’ll have to say as she continues to find her voice!

Nursing is still going really well.  I’ve started to add pumping in 1-2 times a day so I can start building a freezer supply.  But it’s just been a completely 180 from before.  I feel like I’m finally starting to relax a bit and not fret so much over my supply.

We are in cloth diapers full-time now, after using up our supply of disposables.  It definitely makes clothes fit different, but we love her cute and fluffy diaper butt!  I’m still figuring out how many diapers to put in Leo’s room versus Kate’s room.  We have 25 (ish?) diapers between the two.  Kate definitely gets the bulk of them, as she goes through way more diaper changes a day.  I think I’ll probably be doing a load every other day now.

Favorites: sitting up, being held upright, her bouncer chair animals, being warm, when we blow raspberries or make funny sounds, looking at ceiling fans.


Dislikes: getting dressed (hates it), baths (she loved them at first!), being held on her back, tummy time.

We have Kate’s 2 month appointment on the 21st, so we don’t have an official weight or height, but I’m guessing 23″ and 9.5 pounds or so?  She’s starting to get some chub on her thighs (the best!!!)!

Leo still adores Kate and love to kiss her, hold her on his lap, and be around her.  He shows her his toys and talks to her and is really so incredibly sweet to her (and she loves to watch him!).  We sometimes have to watch that he’s not TOO loving!  But we really hope this is an indicator of their future relationship.  Sure, they’ll fight, but we hope that their mutual adoration continues!


We can’t wait to learn more about Kate and who she is – her personality, what she likes, things she finds funny.  She’s such a sweet and beautiful girl and her presence has really added more depth and personality to our family!


2 thoughts on “Kate: 2 months

  1. A.DORABLE! 🙂 I love that you are easily being more mellow – a good reminder for me! I also love that at 2 months you think Kate might be 9.5 lbs…did I tell you at Olson’s 1 week check up he was 10.2?! Yeah.

  2. Love the Kate update! That’s great you are pumping a few times a day to build your freezer stash. I’m glad you aren’t too worried about supply. I have really had to let myself not be so focused on my milk supply at all times…it feels so much better to finally relax and realize my supply is just fine. Funny how caught up we can get about these things. Sounds like you are doing great as well as Leo and Kate!

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