Kate is her own girl, through and through.  Sometimes she looks like Leo (who looks dead-on like Dave’s baby pictures) and sometimes she looks like my baby pictures… but most of the time she just looks like her own person.  Sometimes tricks we used for Leo work for her (swaddling)… but most of the time she wants things just so, in her own particular way.  We joke that Kate doesn’t want it like this or this or this but like that.  She likes to be held upright but really doesn’t enjoy being held on her back.  She likes to be bounced but not gently – she likes jerky, jolty bounces.  And she likes to be held, but wants you to stand, not sit.  Sometimes she wants to eat but she doesn’t want to eat and so I have to stand and do squatty bounces in order to get her to latch on (seriously, I’m not kidding, I have to do this more often than I’d like).  She’s got her opinions and by golly, the girl is sticking to them and letting you know.  But in between she’s content and sweet, starting to coo more, and is dishing out gorgeous gummy smiles generously and often.  She’s super alert, holds her head high, and loves to look around.


As a special gift to me, Kate sleeps at night like a dream.  She nurses and goes right back down.  She generally goes down around 7pm, sleeps 4-6 hours, nurses, sleeps another 3-4 hours, nurses, and sleeps until 7 or 8am.  So far we’ve really only had a handful of “rough” nights, and those really weren’t that bad – a growth spurt so she was up every 2 or 3 hours, but still went right back down.  It’s been tremendously helpful – I’m tired, but not destroyed or exhausted and all in all, I feel pretty “normal.”

It’s so interesting to see the differences between Leo and Kate.  Leo was a much more laid back and mellow baby but not a great sleeper.  Kate is more opinionated and sensitive, but a better sleeper.  She’s also smiling more than Leo did at this age, at least from what I remember (I remember always really working to get Leo to smile).  It requires some adjustment on our part, as different baby = different approach, which is probably obvious but I think previously I had been operating under the idea “this will be like Leo.”  We’re looking forward to learning more about Kate and who she is!


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