Around here lately:

  • The Skimm: Dave introduced me to this the other day and it’s brilliant. For “working women” (but really anyone) it’s a compilation of the day’s world news in a snapshot format. It’s easy to digest and written informally. I love it.
  • We had this pomegranate rice salad the other night and it was really fabulous. I used spinach, brown rice, pomegranates, and parmesan, since that’s what I had on hand. It’s light and fresh and all works really well together.
  • Yesterday it was warm enough for a family walk outside.  Talk about a rarity lately!  We all wore boots and bundled Kate in a cable knit sweater snowsuit (as adorable as it sounds). We walked about 1.5 miles and Kate slept (in the Bjorn carrier) and Leo ran in pure delight through the snow and all the puddles. It was so much fun and we’re hoping we can do another today (and take pictures). It felt so good to get outside!

What’s been going on with you lately?


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