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First coo – last night Kate gave her first coos as she laid on our bed. All three of us gathered around to listen.  Leo had the biggest smile on his face!  Her little voice is just the sweetest and we’re excited to hear more!

First solo shopping trip – yesterday I ventured out on my own with both Leo and Kate. And in total crazy, we hit up both Aldi AND Walmart. The trips went well, overall, and definitely was a learning experience in how to make things easier next time. Also, it is stinkin COLD and I don’t like it.  However, I found dark chocolate drizzled kettle corn at Aldi, so the trip = worth it.

First recipe – my mom passed along this recipe for steel cut oats with corn and tomatoes. We nixed the pancetta and added liquid smoke and yowza those are some delicious savory oats!  I’d love to try different variations on the oat base. We often do oats for dinner in a pinch and this would be a great way to keep the simplicity of oats but not be so breakfasty.


First treadmill walk – first and, so far, only. With Dave at work and being unable to get outside it is really hard to find the time to walk right now. I know as Kate gets a little older and doesn’t need to eat so often or take so long to nurse I’ll have larger pockets of time where it might be feasible. Til then, I’ll just jump on when I can!

What firsts have been going on with you?


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  1. The first trip out with both kids can be a doozy! I was so nervous when I did mine. I just got back from my first overnight business trip since last spring. We all did really well…I only cried a little bit. 🙂

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