posole and spoonbread

On Saturday I made two new-to-us recipes: zesty bean posole and cornmeal spoonbread. Both were pulled from the recent Better Homes and Garden issue. The soup is crazy easy – dump together and heat – and really delicious. I did mine on the stove rather than the crockpot, mainly because the soup pot is easier to wash than the crockpot. We will absolutely be repeating this soup!

The spoonbread set high expectations – check out the recipe page:

Dramatic bread, eh?  The first bit of drama (and anxiety) was the fact that it took twice as long to bake as the recipe indicated. The other drama was Kate throwing one of her rage-baby fits, although that can hardly be the fault of the spoonbread. We liked trying something new but both Dave and I prefer regular cornbread. However, it was even better cold on Sunday (which made me think it might be worth making again). And Dave has already requested a sweeter, dessert-version of it, which should be fun to try!

What have you been eating lately?


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  1. You are not allowed to talk about rage baby fits. Nope. But this soup, yes. Sounds delicious. I might go out for ingredients tonight because I’m hoarding soup in the freezer.

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