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Yep, we’re still alive and kickin’ over here, despite my nonexistent blogging.  When I actually have both my hands empty I tend to get busy throwing in some laundry, making a bed, folding laundry, working on parts of dinner, or cleaning something… but not typing.  Kate is sleeping pretty well – after a week of boycotting her crib she’s taken to it really well, which is awesome.  She’s doing 3-4 hour stretches at night and 2.5-3 hour stretches during the day.  We have an equal amount of really good nights and rougher ones, so on the whole I’m feeling pretty good and not too tired.  Dave fields Leo in the mornings so I can sleep in, which also helps immensely.  Nursing seems to be going really well – we have our midwife 2 week check-up today so we’ll find out what Kate has gained since birth.  Nursing and weight gain was a struggle with Leo, so I have some paranoia about my supply, but in general I feel like it’s going better with Kate and I have high hopes that she’s gaining weight.

We spent Thanksgiving day together at home as a family.  I made chickpeas and dumplings and pumpkin cookies and apple crisp (baking/cooking is an excellent way to involve Leo and get something done).  We took a family walk outside around the block.  We watched football and hung out.  It was wonderful!

Here are a few pictures from our end lately.

Thanksgiving day family walk
Thanksgiving day family walk


Leo playing air hockey
Leo playing air hockey


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  1. Recently I found your blog by Google searching split peas and quinoa in the slow cooker. I needed a dinner idea and I had ingredients but lacked a method. I was delighted to find and follow your recipe. The delicious soup has fed me for a week 😊

    Yours is my first blog subscription and being 8 months pregnant, planning to have a water birth attended by a midwife, I am enjoying it immensely. Thanks for sharing!



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