a still-no-baby weekend

Friday morning Leo woke up with a stomach bug.  While puking is never fun, at least this one was 1) short lived 2) only puking – no fever or anything else 3) started early in the morning when he’d only had some toast, so he didn’t have much to get rid of.  We laid pretty low Friday.  Leo wasn’t miserable but he wasn’t comfortable either, so we employed a lot of tv, took a stroller walk, and read books.

Saturday morning Leo woke up seeming to be feeling better.  We started the day off with half a piece of toast, then gradually gave him more to eat as he held things down.  By lunchtime it was clear he was feeling much better.  Then the crazy happened: Leo took a FOUR HOUR nap.  I think it’s the longest he’s ever napped and it was awesome.  Dave worked on some house projects and raked and I… read a book and was lazy.  Good thing one of us was productive!  When Leo woke up he was in the most amazing mood ever.  Everything was hilarious and joyous and he was so pleasant and sweet!  We soaked up the time with him before bedtime!

Sunday morning we skipped church and did some shopping instead.  First we hit up Kohl’s where I picked up a new pair of slippers!

IMG_20131117_122227 (1)

We also swung by Aldi and Walmart for some groceries.  The rest of Sunday we stayed inside and out of the crazy wind and rain.  We watched football, played cars, did laundry, watched the weather, took a post-storm family walk, and just relaxed!


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