41 weeks

41 weeks
can you spot Leo?

Well well well… here we are.  Still.  Baby girl seems very determined to take her own sweet time getting here.  I’m anxious to meet her… and getting a little tired of being pregnant.  I’m not sleeping well – I’m either up in the middle of the night for hours or, like Wednesday night, I can’t fall asleep because of (painless but annoying) Braxton Hicks.  I’m trying to be encouraged that at least I’m having some BH, since I never did with Leo, but to be honest I was mostly just annoyed they kept me awake and then didn’t turn in to anything.  Some days I just feel gross all day long – like my stomach is upset (but in a consistent way, not a contraction way).  I’m running 4 miles every other day – skipping in between days because I’m either really tired or because it’s not working out schedule-wise.  Food doesn’t have much appeal and nothing really tastes that good.

That all sounds like a bunch of whining (and it is).  I know that in reality I’ve had a very easy pregnancy and that even 1 week overdue I continue to have an easy pregnancy.  I know I’m fortunate to be pregnant and I’m fortunate to be healthy.  I know baby girl will arrive when she’s ready, which is healthy and good and what we want.  I know all this… but emotionally I’m tired of feeling like it could be any time but then it not being any time soon.  

I go back to the midwife on Tuesday if I still haven’t delivered and from there we’ll talk about ways we can encourage labor.  If I haven’t gone in to labor by the 22nd (next Friday, 42 weeks) then I’ll have to be induced… which would be at the hospital, not at home.  Again, end goal is healthy baby so hospital induction is not the end of the world, but we’d much rather continue in the plan on homebirth if possible.

So that’s where we’re at.  Come come, baby girl!


4 thoughts on “41 weeks

  1. You’re doing a great job growing a wonderful girl 🙂
    Need something to occupy your mind? I just finished Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – very interesting read! I skipped most of the first half of the book (it’s all birth stories) and when right into the meat of the subject
    Maybe you can find it at your library…
    Hugs – you’re looking great and so glad you’re feeling great!

  2. You’re allowed to whine! Pregnancy is HARD, especially with a toddler, especially being overdue!! We’re still praying baby girl makes her arrival ASAP 🙂

  3. Jenna was more than a week late when she was born. I so understand your frustration and the emotions that come in to play (even though LOGICALLY of course you won’t be pregnant forever, it sure feels like it!)

    I always refelcted on my poor mother – I was due on St. Patricks Day. I was born on tax day. I can’t even imagine…

    Whine away. You are entitled. C’mon baby girl!!

  4. Agreed with Bobbi! Whine away! Maybe she needs to hear some whining. Are you still trying to convince her to come out by offering chocolate? I am thinking, 700 in, ready to go…

    And also, geesh Bobbi was a LATE baby, holy cow!

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